So, If I was planning on getting a Xbox 360 stick

I hate Hori sticks and I would love an alternative but at 50-70 dollars they seem like the best option to have a stick on my 360. I was wondering two things. are there plans to release a Street Fighter Stick when HD hits XBLA or will I have to buy the Dead or Alive stick? Also, how much do custom 360 sticks run? Are they reliable at this point?

Thanks for all answers.

Check the trading forums for prices. As for reliability, they’ve always been reliable, just pricey since a xbox360 pad is a bit pricey.

If you can by all means build your own. It was alot of fun to do, and not really that hard. All in all it cost me 100 bucks to build it and thats including buttons wood paint hole saw set fiber glass tool xbox 360 pad hacked and to have my future artwork printed for it.

James123 will pad hack a wired madcatz 360 pad for 44 dollars w shipping. They are super reliable, and can even be used on the PC or the mac. I am a PC and a Mac user and i’ve tested this on Mame OSX and regular mame.