So if SF4 5vs5 gets in EVO exhibition, should HDR have one?

I always feel like we’re the red headed step child since in every event, it seems like somebody has to beg for HDR to get fitted in somehow somewhere. Again, wishful thinking, would you want a ST/HDR exhibition match streamed on the main stage, and what kind? 5vs5 regionals?

We had an HDR 5v5 regionals last year, though it actually turned into a 3v3 regionals once we figured that 40% of people randomly went missing in action. It was pretty cool.

I wanna take part in the regional exhibitions :crybaby:.


the 3v3 regionals was one of the best parts of evo.

I nearly had an anurism running it last year.

“No you can’t use these TVs that are sitting here not getting any use for the rest of the night!”

Yea the regional last year was very hectic we had lots of regions but when it came to it none of the players who said they were on the teams really showed up. This made me even give up my spot on my region because it turned into a 3vs3 than a 5vs5 :frowning:

Personally, I think I’d rather put up money to see/get recordings of high end exhibition matches than spend it on entering the tourney. Do you think putting something in the pot would entice people to show up?

I missed out on watching the hdr regional 5 vs 5 last year because I didn’t know when it was happening. Luckily it was recorded and posted on youtube. I was able to attend the cigar bob super turbo 3 vs 3 tournament which unfortunately was cancelled during mid session for some reason. I also didn’t get my money back. Luckily I won a ton of money with my friend Greg from gambling which more than makes up for the money lost from that unfinished tournament. If I end up going again this year I’ll definitely be more aware of hdr events.

We both did. It was crazy trying to run it.

This topic actually came up before in the “SFHD Returns to Evo2010, now what?”. Here’s a post in that thread I made with some notes about running it last year.

It WILL be a side event if it happens, no doubt about that. If someone wants to run it you better get things announced and decided because regional majors are coming up fast.

yeah sorry about that ^_^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

^ Sorry about what?


Don’t sweat it man. We had team captains that didn’t show up. Thus, my comment about making sure to get people that are into HDR if this goes down again.

CB tried this with the ST tourny. But half way through it got canceled. We got kicked out of the main hall and he had to give everybody refunds.

But truth be told, 9/10 the bigger names don’t show up or make the side tournys a priority. They say they’ll play but when push comes to shove their really there for the main games and the side tourny get cast aside. (Can you blame them?)

the never should have canceled the official event in the first place. completely taking an awesome idea and replacing the game with shit fighter 4 was a retarded thing to do

Seriously? I remember CB did have some leftover money when he was handing out refunds. No one came up to collect, though.

I just wish HDR had a 3 vs 3 teams play option like in KOF. That would help eliminate one bad match costing you a win.