So if there were SF3s exams

What would you like it to be?
By the way, I’m going to have my final exam tomorrow (it’s 20:30 here in china)

Take it a step further. Let’s say you had to be tested on your character of choice. Makoto, for example. I’d say the basic test should cover various confirms and punishes. An advanced test might get you on character specific things. Beyond that, possibly written scenarios where you actually respond with what you’d do in that situation.

Man, I have an idea. The test would be like: Use Makoto to give a super combo that could turn ibuki’s stun gauge into 100%. SA2 only.

I would give you a scenario and ask you, as p1, what p2 is likely to do next. Show your work, too.

  • a couple of questions is 3rd Strike History for extra points.

Did yun walk into the corner or was he thrown in?

It should cover the basic mechanics, the basics on your main, and you should score at least an 80% before you can play this online.

Should be standard for every fighting game ever. Would encourage more reading and more communication among certain communities (Looking at you KOF).

Good luck on your exams!

Please become rich and be an arcade owner. There is currently no Tougeki, so China can certainly step into that arena to host a tournament on that scale.

Thanks. My exam has just ended.

By the way, if there’s a test about SF2s, what would you like it to be?

Probably “don’t get mad when you die in 5 seconds.”

The funny thing about this is that when I look at 3rd Strike, unless the situation is blatantly obvious (ex. a poorly timed fierce uppercut, you have max meter, and max damage will end the round or put you extremely close), I never see any series of events to have a 100% do-this-or-else answer. That’s been part of the way I’ve tried to approach 3s as of late. It’s like taking a turn in a car. There are multiple lines you can take.

That’s why I love 3s :slight_smile: You have so many options in every situation. It’s quite unique for a fighting game.

If there were such a thing as a class on 3S, there’s bound to be a dick for a teacher with bullshit quizes.


Take up sudoku for a bit until it becomes easier to “safely assume”. The brain and emotions can mature, too, you know?

Ironically, I did take up Sudoku a few years back!

99.9999999999999999999999999999 might as well be 100

I imagine Dander would be Donald Sutherland from Animal House. And Tebbo would be the dean.

3rd Strike is a little less about the Best, all encompassing option. Maybe why Dander asked for more information, but he can tell you his reason better.

3rd Strike is about timing, reading the opponent, doing things that will work based on what you know, not doing what they will expect. You don’t even have to care what the opponent is going to do, you’re going to just do that shit, because you are a hardass. Japan likes Nike, and with that Nikkei stock index thing, if you don’t know how to pronounce it or don’t know any better it could be the “Just Do it Index.”

No wakeup is really the same. Timing and Positioning from walking up, or dashing up. If you were off at all, which is likely in a game of frames. 60 a second and a lot of things up close are going to be under 10 frames, 1/6 a second. Things can change a lot!

And what have you done on Yun’s wakeup before? What are you telegraphing by putting yourself in range for what you want to do? Are you trying to trick him with meaty that ends in time to hide your next move?

“Yun doesn’t have a lot he can do in wakeup reversal”

It looks like you just got kicked in the balls and punched in the face and he’s out of the corner because you weren’t ready. Short to Lunge Punch.

I should’ve just said that last one in the first place, don’t get kicked in the balls. And I said nothing about the ambiguous stuff that can be the same after a Super, Ken’s Jinrai because I don’t know a lot about that. Hard knockdown from Super setups can also change crossup or not, the player’s choice by small timing changes!

Oh and don’t sandbag vs that Kuroda guy. Even if by the time you’re playing him he has a girlfriend with your girlfriend rule I forgot to ask you to explain. [details=Spoiler]We usually hear the opposite since its like that guy will play harder to impress his girl, you get a potentially better match, and it may be like beating 2 people at the same time, maybe not the one people want, but maybe there’s a MvsFF later in life if you’re one lucky player[/details]. Maybe that’s what he wants with a girlfriend to help him in his 3s career. Nobody help him get a girlfriend! Its a setup.

thought you guys would appreciate this.

1958 scared the shit outta me.

lingering radiation

Dander plays this game series “Fallout,” jerry. This post might be about that and a scary future.

One day we will have to discuss what he thought about Fallout 3 vs New Vegas, with a lot of game developer drama from these games that leads to angry nerds and a decisive split between liking one game vs. the other. I’ve only played the NewVegas.

I forgot to go back to my college library to read that book I saw about SARS/Bird Flu. I remember having a novel on EBOLA before high school.