So if version 2013 has new characters who will they be?


Well the easiest thing to do would be to use SFxT characters since the animations and character models are all done. I think Rolento is most likely of those to make the cut, his playstyle is unique and would add something to the game. Karin is really popular so she could make it as well. Maybe 2 brand new characters…but I’m probably being too optimistic.


If there are any new characters (which I really doubt) they will be SFxT ports for sure.




Goutetsu, but It wouldn’t fit any story mode, lol

I would like to play Sean :T


first : i want some of the uselles braindead SF4 characters out, like : El fuerte ,Hakan and Blanka

and then they can fill those 3 spots with some SF3 or SF ex characters or whatever


There is no chance EX character will happen.
Most likely Rolento because of Error who created that mod.
Maybe Charlie, Birdie and Elena?
I think Capcom might put up a voting system up sometime this year on what characters are the most demanded.
Ppl probably dont wanna see Charlie because = Guile although he is different like Ryu and Ken but w/e.
Lets see what happens.
I would like to see Charlie, Sodom and maybe 2 new characters. And some new stages.


Dear lord no more characters. The game has too many as it is.


You honestly wants to take out Blanka? I don’t like him either, but he’s a classic char, no way his out of any SF game.


You can never have too many.

U know they are never going to remove characters, the backlash would be tremendous.


I would LOVE it if Fuerte and Viper were removed permanently. I like Viper’s design but her gameplay doesn’t have enough SF for my liking. And Fuerte is just an abomination that should be forgotten forever.


Yeah I don’t think Fuerte is coming back in any future installments. Bit of a failed experiment.

Viper is pretty popular though.


As removal goes, I would really like to see Fuerte out. Need comment? Stupid and pointless character. No one will miss him.
Viper is not really SF character but she is really fun. So she’s ok.
For new characters I would like to see Hugo even if theres Gief in game.
Twelve would be cool. And Elena. She is already in SFxT.


They already have/had one on their site. You get to pick your top 5 characters from all SF games.



They already have/had one on their site. You get to pick your top 5 characters from all SF games.



You realize that adding more characters will result in more updates to the game and capcom will nerf characters for no reason


Far flung dream: Karin

Realistic expectation: none


i need alex…he’s my favourite character in capcom universe.


remove elfuerte? what a disrespectful…

even I hate some of tho shotos (coz’ we already had tons them in numbers!)
…wouldn’t came across in my mind to remove one of them. coz i now how to respect capcom’s hardwork.

learn to respect buddy…stop being a wanker.


i think all the characters that people wanted like karin,poison, and elena will be in sf5 and characters like fuerte will become like Q. Capcom not wanting him.


Calls Fuerte a stupid character, asks for another grappler.