So if wolvie is so gdlk

why home wolverine just don’t stabb people with his claws? o_O


why home Bowser has the TWO best names in videogame history? Bowser and King Koopa = GDLK

i think its too not show vilence to kids who dont know what it is n could be scared of wolverines hurting them when they sleep evn though he isnt really a real wolverine but still they could have nightmares and i think capcom would get sued alot by moms and dads that are mad cuz there kids were up all night cuz they were scared of wolverines attacking them and stabbing them with there claws LOL but im not sure good question

when i said too earlier i meant to say to put i did a typo

wolverine home why claws people don’t home stab!

well, to undestand why come wolverine don’t just stab people, you have to understand his caracter. firstly you need to understand his history. when he was a kid he didnt even know his mom or dad. cause of this wolverine didnt had a bad relationship with his mom. this is why even tho he has claws, he isnt a mean or violent person like people who hate there moms like vega or ted bundy, the zodiac killer. also, he is a canadian. you have to know that canadians are really unviolent people. one time I knew a canadian girl, she couldnt hurt a fly. she told me that in canadia everyone is real nice, and that their god said you should be nice. thats why wolverine is a nice person at heart, even if he acts tough.

second, you have to understand about how he acts now, in the future. look at his clothes. he wears the color yellow. in america, yellow is a coward color. it means you are very afraid. wolverine uses this tos how he doesn’t really want to fight all those guys, he just wants to go home to his mom and dad and be safe. so you can tell from this that he doesnt want to hurt them, he just wants to get away. that;s also why he is fast, because he learned to be faster from storm (she is a kenyan and they are very famous for running, and I think bobsledding?). she taught him speed, so he can escape easier.

so yea, wolverine isn’t a mean person, so he doesnt hurt people by stabbing them. he just tries to run away, and only hits people to make them leave.

He does stab people. Several times. Do his drill claw. Obvious stabbing.

So informative