So IGN will not post all the EVO 09 vids immediately


so which one should i believe???

  1. from SRK announcement

Not all the matches will be up immediately but will be posted over the next few weeks

  1. from IGN announcement

Video access of the tournaments start July 23rd so don’t worry if you missed out. We’ll be updating the content for the next few months so stay tuned.


I don’t think anyone in here knows exactly when will all the contents be uploaded. So, I suppose you might have to wait and see.


Either of those is an improvement compared to the time it took to create, print, and ship DVD’s. :angel:


just wonder do i have to wait several MONTHS for SF4 grand final (justin VS Daigo) HD vid before IGN finishing releasing all the other semi-finals etc.


EDIT: Saw another thread, cleared it up for me.


^ What he said :cool:


yeah guys this is way better than having to wait til november for just a dvd announcement to be made


But they’re new they want it NOOOOW.


An update of sorts.

Well, IGN has an update now…sort of. It looks like it will eventually be the link to the videos. Anyway, check out .


ok, case closed now


We probably would’ve waited way longer than a couple months for the DVD’s, so people need to quit crying.