So, I'm A Bad


I’ve always had trouble fighting zoning characters in games. I’m a newb.

In this game, the character giving me the most trouble is Dormammu. I play X-23, Chun-Li, and Trish currently, all low vitality characters. The one I can do the best with is Chun-Li, because she has an airdash, and once I get on him it is fairly easy to stay on him. With X-23, I am getting zoned out completely and having trouble touching Dormammu. With Trish, his black hole stops my spinning blade and lightning barrages, and I’m not sure what else I can do, since he is too far away for my traps.

Also, it doesn’t help the friend I play against who uses Dormammu most knows how to turn most of his hits into a combo for 350k-100% damage, depending on the state of his hyper gauge and what he lands to start the combo :stuck_out_tongue:

So, any tips for my composition versus zoners, primarily Dormammu? And any tips for playing Trish especially, since I am having a lot of trouble learning her.


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Very insightful.

Anyway, do not make a thread for one question. Read the rules and use the FAQ.


there’s no point in giving an insightful answer to someone who didn’t bother to look for shit and just used the create new thread button like it was his personal customer service agent.
So yeah… my comment stands


At a website entirely designed to help new people at the game? Your comment does not stand. He was just asking for help, he won’t make the same mistake again.

SMH, why is looking cool so important to so many people on this website?


We have character forums, a General Discussion thread, a General Strategy thread, an FAQ thread, and a beginner’s guide… thread.

Per the OP’s question: Patience., as far as I know, has never and will never be about holding the hand of bad who are either too stupid or too arrogant to bother reading the rules.

Evil will not be fucking tolerated under any circumstance.


You think I wanna look cool by telling a scrub to go fuck himself?
It seems you aint familiar with this website at all

You honestly think this person who doesn’t bother to look a Newbie Saikyo Dojo section, neither does it take the time to look at the 20 sticky threads we have.
You can easily tell that if you give an insightful answer it will fall in deaf ears anyway

So yeah… like I said, my comment stands


I believe the point is that you don’t need to be an asshole to new people. You act like this question is a huge waste of time, yet you invest time in trying to defend yourself. I think a more productive thing would be to direct him to the appropriate sections, and if it isn’t too far “out of your way”, drop a quick tip.

As for fighting against Dormammu, it can really be tough if you’re playing against somebody who knows the character inside and out. Try using one of your assist characters to keep Dorm blocking and then attempt to rush in. If you time your assist right, then super jump/air dash toward his direction, he may not have time to throw out a purification/dark hole to counter you in the air.

I’m not super familiar with the characters you use, so it would be in your best interest to go to their specific character discussion sections for tips. Rather, as somebody who uses Dormammu, this was just some general advice for playing against him.


I personally never understood people who get all bent out of shape about un-needed threads :rofl:

You can simply link him to the correct destination, or just ignore the post altogether.

If you took time to insult him, then helping him isn’t out of the question. :clown: Let the mods tell him to go F himself.


I agree with most all of this.

His (JD’s) comment earned an infraction. We need to be noob-friendly without ruining the site for everyone else, which means we redirect you once to the right resources and if you keep doing it you’ll get infracted or banned.