So I'm about to get back into comics again

… after not reading them very frequently since last year. The last thing I read was the Sinestro Corps war, and that was it. I’m actually quite interested in Final crisis.

Anyway, can anybody suggest some comics to get me back in the swing of things?

Oddly enough, I’ve been comic-free for over a month and plan to stay that way. It’s an addiction, man!

Madame Mirage from Top Cow is a great read and wraps up it’s first “season” with issue 6 tomorrow. (if you’re looking for a complete story)

What’s the name of the Final Crisis special that just came out?

The DC Universe Zero issue? It’s only 50 cents. Don’t go saying that I ask people around here to spend a lot of money. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ignore all posts and do what I write (j/k ;)):-
1- Read anything that has DeadPool in it
2- Avoid at least 50% of Marvel’s Ultimate series
3- Read everything else

Also here are some of my recommendations for miniseries and TPBs-
Superman: Birthright
Union Jack: London Falling

For recent non-superhero comics check out:

The Walking Dead
DMZ (Even my friends who hate comics like this one, check it out for sure)
Y the last Man (the series just finished a few months back, so you can sit down and read the whole thing)

As far as Superhero comics, all I’m really reading is random Batman trades atm, so I can’t really help you out there. I hear the newer Punisher is badassed though, so pick some of his recent stuff up if you have the loot.

I’m not sure how much you’ve read, but I’m assuming you’ve read a majority of the classics (Sandman, Preacher, DK ect ect.) If not you might as well say fuck it to the current stuff and read the essentials first.

IDW Transformers

Strangers in Paradise and Scott Pilgrim.

Grant Morrison’s Batman and All star Superman plus everything from Geoff Johns if your looking for DC stuff

I’m gettin back into comics. I havebt read them seriously in about a year. I haven’t been gone for years guys. Lol

The only reason for my renewed interest is final crisis. Dc lost me with that multiverse shit and I came back for allstar superman and green lantern. Marvel hasn’t interested me aside from ultimate spiderman. Brand new day was terrible and I don’t have a lot of interest in secret invasion.

I’m waiting on the last trade from y the last man so I can finish the series.

What else is out now that’s good? I heard captain america was awesome so I’m checking that out. Anything else?

Daredevil because it’s written by THE BRU.
X-men is getting reorganized(again). Moving to San Fran. Good point to jump on again, if your interested in the muties.

Immortal Iron Fist. 14 issues already under the table and it’s also written by THE BRU!

Shit. I was able to stay away until until i remembered Iron Fist.

Fuck Marvel.

Not to say I’m not a fan but I’m just sick of all the bullshit that’s been going on for the past two years.

Read all star super-man. Please. It’s the best comic I’ve read in years.

Best comics ATM: Captain america, Thunderbolts, Batman, All star Superman and Green Lantren

co sign on all the bs, but Marvel is still publishing some awesome stuff that has very little to do with whatever hyped up crap they’re pushing.

Despite the fact the fact that I enjoy some stuff from those events, Marvel usually has some good books that have nothing to do with their mainline stuff.

IE: mainly stuff like Brubakers Captain America and Iron Fist, Thunderbolts, and Deadpool.



If Barry Allen comes back and Geoff Johns writes a new series with him, I will be so there.

Flash facts mother fuckas!

Words cannot describe how good Thunderbolts is right now. Norman Osborn is SUCH A BEAST.

X-Men Legacy is good shit if you find Professor X interesting. Plus it has Depowered Magneto, which I’m convinced is the best thing to happen to the character ever.

Upcoming Deadpool book looks promising, but I’m still hesitant as it’s written by Daniel Way.

I’m just getting my feet wet in DC right now myself, but Batman R.I.P looks promising.

DC Universe 0 made me excited about Final Crisis. Libra interests me. “CAN I GET A HALLELUYA!”