So I'm about to rank down on Ranked Match


…and it seems no matter what team I use (of personal preference) I win 1 with losing the next 3+. (Oh, right now I’m a 5th Judge… lately my defense game needed stepping up due to what’s listed below)

My Teams:
Frank West(y), Chun-Li(y), Super-Skrull(y)
Frank West(y), Chris(y), Super-Skrull(y)
Phoenix Wright(a), Morrigan(y), Phoenix(y)

I’ve personally never really liked any of the DmC team, I’ve loved Frank since TvC:UaS (also got my hate from Zero from that game), Chun + Skrull + Chris seem like underused characters and I tend to lean towards the unexpected.

The first two teams are essentially the same, both allow Frank to level up to 4 in one combo without TACs or using meter (but also have their own combo/damage potential to not just rely on Frank). The major difference is that with Chun I can maneuver her a lot better and have a higher chance of getting hits. The sad thing about Chun though is her health and dies usually within one combo. I picked Chris out of a few possible candidates because: 1) He has a ton more health than Chun, 2) He’s plays like a true ‘heavy character’ but with abilities to do good ranged stuff and traps, and 3) he looks like the least used of possible high hp candidates.

The third team is by no means truly competitive and more for fun, which I need since doing the same combos with my other teams can get a bit boring.

My problem characters:
[]Vergil, Dante, Wesker, Zero: These should not need explanation, but if you do, I’ll post it later. I’m always up for a good flood of salt to unleash about these four.
]Haggar: Sure his lariat (both point and assist) take minor health away, but it usually ends up death to my team. That lariat has WAY too many invincibility frames and the ability to cancel into a Super AND THEN combo afterwards is frustrating, especially when I’m using Phoenix for an instant kill to me.
[]Trish, Deadpool, Morrigan: Add Wesker to this list as well as keepaway. Usually paired with Jam Session or Vajra, this is a real pain especially when 2 of your characters can’t teleport. Even when I can teleport there’s a flaw: You have time to react to Skrull’s (moreso than other teleports) and Phoenix is great, but yeah… her health.
]Assist Spam: This usually goes hand in hand with keepaway, but I’m at a loss with what to do with assist pressure or mix-ups (Vergil and Zero especially).
[*]and just got good measure: Wolverine’s Dive Kick: I learned it beats out even Skrull’s Meteor Smash, even though it’s above Wolverine. It was one match but eh,though I’d mention it, since it usually not an OVERLY big deal.
The easiest solution would be to just change characters right? I’m usually one to go against top tiers altogether just so you know. Only on few games I might go for it. I mean COME ON I choose Dan on AE2012 since the original SF4. Exception to this is Frank, he will always be top tier: He’s cove… nvm.

Also should I just keep going if I do de-rank? Same thing if my Win/Loss percentage goes below 50%? Took me forever just to get to 5th rank, don’t wanna lose it (but eh, I guess I’ll probably have to just earn it back.)

Yeah this is Ranked, I’d play Player Matches if they were more available and more diverse, but Ranked beats that out. Also for some or a lot of people the rank doesn’t mean much or anything, but personally the ranking means something to me.

Also these tips are not just for the Ranked matches but how I could deal with this in local offline matches and help is GREATLY appreciated.



Rank and W/L ratio doesn’t mean shit.

If you like playing ranked matches then continue to do so. Don’t stop because you might lose a title that’s completely worthless.

If you change characters because you don’t like the disadvantages of the characters you play then you might as well pick the best. Play who you like.


:rofl: online rank :rofl:
Long Sets>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Single Games

Fuck ranked match seriously.


Any character that has huge massive hit boxes is a problem online. Playing in lag prevents you from being accurate, that’s what infuriates me. People can just jump back and spam these huge hit boxes, like jump back helm breaker for example, because even if you try and normal jump forward and immediately block chances are you still get hit. As infuriating as it is to lose online don’t let the fact that your rank fluctuates get to you, at the end of the day online is shit, some people can adjust some people can’t, offline is a completely different game.


I have a 100% win record in ranked match. True story.


1 win and 0 losses.


Thought about using a high tier team but meh it’s so rewarding beating the trenchcoat trio with phoenix wright. As for tips with the teleporters just got to bait and punish them is the best I can say. With zero just got to stop him from doing his shenanigans(easier said then done tho). Don’t play against many Haggar users on ranked.