So, I'm adapting KOF into a Card Game (need suggestions)


OK, guys, so this might be off-topic, but I just had the idea of adapting The King of Fighters into a card game. The idea is actually very simple and it wouldn’t actually use “statistics” but a simpler system.

The core of the game is this:
You pick one character, then you have access to all its move cards:

  • Normals (all of their standing, jumping and crouching normals).
  • Command moves (you know, like “forward + C”, “down/forward + B”, etc.).
  • Special moves.
  • Supermoves.

STEP 1, you select your attack card (either a normal, command or special move), your opponent does the same.

You reveal your card and you see what is the move that wins. That’s determined by a priorities chart. For example:

  • Jumping attacks win over crouching attacks.
  • Standing weaks win over jumpings.
  • And so on.
    Some normals might have special priorities like sweeping (your tipically crouching D, wins over any crouching), anti-air (most of the crouching C, wins over jumping moves), or overhead (wins over jumping and crouching, loses against standing), etc.

Every special move has a type. Types of special moves:

  • Projectile. Far-distance moves (example: Athena’s Psycho Ball).
  • Rising. Basically any kind of dragon punch (example: K’s Crow Bite)
  • Expansion. Any attack move with a good range that covers some distance, and it starts attacking rightaway (example: Ryo’s Hien Shippu Kyaku)
  • Dash. Move that starts with the character running, then performing an strike (example: Clark’s Mount Tackle)
  • Throw. Quick grabs (example: Benimaru’s Collider).
  • Reversal. Defeat normals (example: Geese reversals).
  • Stationary. The character doesn’t move, but it performs a powerful attack that takes a little to come out (example: Chang’s Iron Ball)
  • Rekka. Moves with several steps to follow-up. To determinate if you’re able to perform the follow-up, you roll a 6-sides dice. For example, Iori’s 127 Shiki Aoi Hana, your first attack hits, to try the second you roll the dice, you have 4/6 chances for the second part to be performed, 5/6 chances for the third).

The priority is also determined by the type of attack. For example, if you perform

OK, there’s a health gauge and a super gauge. You lose health as you’re getting pummeled, but also a little super gauge. The super gauge fills as you perform special moves and land an amount of hits. After that, you’re able to pull out super cards or use them as standalone moves.
They follow more or less the same rules from the specials but they deal more damage.

Which special move wins over which one is determined by either their type or their kind of attack (for example, Crack Shoot is an expansion and an air attack at the same time, it would hit against Joe’s df+B). Here the basics:

  • Air attacks win over Projectiles.
  • Projectiles and Throws neutralize each other.
  • Projectile wins against Rising and Expansion.
  • Rising wins over Expansion.
  • Expansion wins over Throw
  • Dash wins over Projectile and Reversal.
  • Rising wins over Stationary.
  • Throw wins over Dash and Reversal.
  • Stationary wins over dash.
  • And so on…

Most of the moves have some special priorities. For example, Terry’s Burning Knuckle is a Dash move but it is also invulnerable against crouches and good against air moves, as he jumps from the ground and attacks at an almost mid-air height.

There are some special priorities like “energy”, for example any move charged with energy defeats the same type of move if it is not charged with energy, sometimes negates projectiles and so…

The player who won might be able to perform a combo. You draw two cards from the deck and see if you can combo with them. The combo rules are very logic.
For example, if you’re using Terry and you hit with C, you know you can combo next adding a command move, then any special move; you can also perform almost any special move right after that.

However, you store the cards you couldn’t combo with for a next moment in which you could use it. For example, if I started out with crouching B, and I receive the cards Crack Shoot and Terry’s Backnuckle, I can’t combo out of them. I store them.

Next round, I win with a D attack, I pull the cards and I got Power Charge and Power Geyser. So, I use the Backnuckle (command move) I had stored and then Power Charge, the opponent is in air, then I use Crack Shoot and I juggle it, then I perform Power Geyser and bang! That’s a combo.

After Step 2, just repeat until anyone loses all its health…

So, I have the thing more or less conceived. Probably going to add special actions like Defense, regular Throw or Roll, I really don’t know. For now, my main worry is completing the list of priorities.

Here’s the normal priorities so far:

So, I need your suggestions to complete the list of priorities :smiley:

Terry’s movelist:

  • Back Knuckle [Command]
  • Rising Upper [Command, Anti-Air]
  • Power Wave [Projectile]
  • Burn Knuckle [Expansion, invulnerable to crouching attacks]
  • Crack Shoot [Expansion, aerial]
  • Power Charge [Dash]
  • Power Dunk [Rising, aerial]
  • Rising Tackle [Rising]
  • Power Gesyer [Super Stationary, Anti-Air, Energy]
  • High-Angly Geyser [Super, Expansion, Energy]