So I'm buying a used stick

Yeah, buying a used stick… but I need help on what to check for to see if it’s functional or not. It’s a round one. It’s not broken cosmetically as far as I can see…

plug it in and try all the buttons?

Too simple.

drink water through your nose then bash your face on the buttons

Haha, that’s how I test products before I buy em

Whoops, forgot to add that… I’m looking for a method without plugging it in. So yeah o_O.

Nope no way

Oh, okay then ;/ I’ll just have to trust him :D. Thanks guys sorry about not being specific enough.

Ask to try it out on a system first.

depending on for what system you could use a laptop to test.

I personally always check to make sure the balltop fits in my ass comfortably. Then you might want to smash a toddler’s face into the buttons to make sure they work, and then do us all a favor and choke yourself out with the cord.

Thought I left /b/ a few hours ago…

In seriousness, just get the guy to either send you a video of it in action over the internet, or let him show it to you working in person. If he refuses, you know to back out.

that’s like asking how to tell if a used car works without turning it on or test driving it

you need to test it.

I’d probably go with Nerrage’s idea.

There seems to be a lot of variables in considering to buy a used stick. I’m thinking this isn’t local or else you could just go check it out.

What kind of a stick is it? What kind of equipment is in it? What’s the worst condition it could be in? Price?
Depending on what kind of stick it is is really the deciding factor. Atleast for a Madcatz stick, it comes with quick disconnects so if anything, it’s a easy swap. If it’s a custom stick, then you should be fine considering that the builder has taken in consideration to make the stick easily repairable.

? Always ask for receipt otherwise how can he prove its not his or not stolen.

? Always test the buttons before handing over the cash unless it’s new. If cannto test ask for a video on youtube or maybe a iphone video etc…

? Check the stick on a PC or a console that can register the buttons and stick. AND!!! Ask for the seller to offer 7 day DEAD ON ARRIVAL!!! i always offer this with 2nd hand PC parts i sell.

? If your unsure about any of this then buy elsewhere and save heartache, plenty of other fish in the sea.