So I'm getting a friend to play MVC 3


He used to play MVC2 and I want him to get back in again. He’s a bit intimidated cus he hasn’t played MVC2 for the longest time. I want to suggest some characters to him, his team used to be Cable, Juggernaut and Sentinel. Which characters, with the exception of Sentinel, have similar play styles in MVC3? From what I’ve herd Dormamu plays like Cable but I haven’t herd anything about Juggernaut.

PS: Some one should make a thread about characters in MVC2 that have similar play styles to characters in MVC3


Wait, a MvC2 player is intimidated by MvC3? Lol?

I guess for Juggernaut, Hulk or Haggar?


thats what I was going to post.


Definitely hulk


I don’t see why MvC3 would intimidate him if he played MvC2.


Tell him to forget everything he knows about MvC2 and approach MvC3 as the new game it is.


It’s an easier game, he shouldn’t be intimidated.

Call assists out a lil earlier than in mvc2… they’re not as fast in this game (cept haggar n shit)


I don’t know, It’s probably having to do that he hasn’t played another video game for 3 years, his not a big gamer, but from what I remember he used to be REALLY good back in the days


Or you weren’t as good as him perhaps. If he’s never been to a local scene or a tournament, he’s likely not as good as you think.

In any case, if he could play MvC2, he can play MvC3. Unless he wasn’t good at all and just beat folks by maching ad nauseum. But even then, ANYONE can pick up MvC3 and enjoy it just casually playing with friends, moreso than MvC2. It’s just that easy.