So I'm getting a iPod Touch

How does it differ from the other iPods? What can you do with it?

im not telling you not to get one, but isnt it just like an iphone without the phone part?
and an ipod with the less hard drive space part?

i heard that there is an internet browser on it, but i dont know. touching the screen doesnt really seem that cool to me if youre getting it to listen to music. a lot of the time that shit is in your pocket.

but if you get one let me know how it is!
when they announced them i wanted to get one but the small hard drive space made me think twice.

I believe you can go on the internet with it with a Wifi connection. I think they are kinda too bulky for an mp3 player, which for most people is something you just set to a playlist or random and then leave it in your pocket. It has some cool features though I guess.

you can go online via wifi or sign up for an att service.

…which uses a wifi connection to access…

They use a stripped down safari browser that has no flash support. Youtube has a special portal that lets you watch their videos though.

I don’t know, I’ve never been a big fan of iPods and Apple, and these just don’t have any outstanding features. Though I hear the amount of programs you can get after jail breaking it is pretty good, but I still don’t see any amazing programs that you can put on there.

even though it’s in you pocket it has a lock button on the top so you don’t have to worry about things in your pocket touching the iPod touch

i have an iPhone myself you can go on the web with att service the only thing you need wifi for is the iTunes only. i don’t knopw about the touch at all :wonder:


And I’m planning on getting the 16 gig version which holds 3,000 songs which I think is plenty.

i got the touche and its fairly nice. its basically the iphone without the phone and external speaker… all of the ipod touche’s internet will be through wi-fi. so it’s nice to be in a starbucks with this thing.

youre mostly gonna put music, but you’ll probably be putting some vids and applications on there too. AIM, facebook, myspace, etc… through wi-fi only

one recommendation though, get rid of the white ipod headphones it comes with and opt to get the nice sennheisers, denon or sony earbuds. (in black, fuck white)

IMO also, its not worth getting a case, the screen is glass, and it wont scratch if your pockets for the most part.

I got one for my wife awhile back…She loves it…I would recommend buying an invicible shield though, make sure its the full body…The back part seem like it would get scratch up a bit…

My sister owns an iTouch. IMO, it seems overpriced.

The only real feature is web browsing. That’s assuming you really need to use it when you’re out somewhere.

Wow you’ve got a glaring typo in there, buddy. :rofl: :wink:

lol i thought to myself the same thing.:rofl:

I had one for about 6months used it as an expensive mp3 player than sold it because I have a psp which does everything the itouch does except for the touch part but psp has games and nes emulation is 1000times better(just cause of the psp dpad). One thing I hated was itunes how you can only have one device on one computer.

i got an iphone and i would jailbreak it if i were you

The iPod touch is nice, but the Archos 605 Wifi does the same things for far less money.

Fixed for you.

As far as the Touch goes, if you absolutely HAVE to have the touchscreen, then yes, get this.

Personally, I’d load everything I could think of onto a standard one, set it to random, and go. No need for any fanciness for my purposes.

I’m turtling till they’re at least 80 gigs.

If you want just touch, Samsung YP-P2 is the way to go.
And if you really want an iTouch, just unzip your pants since they don’t exist.