So I'm going to the US. Now what?

Well, as some of you may know, I’m from Chile, South America. I won a paid trip to Evo 2k12 in the first local event specifically aimed at the competitive FG community by winning the UMVC3 tournament. Now I have to do the paperwork for the tourist visa. I’d like to know if anyone knows someone/something that could help me in this aspect, it would be awful if I got out of this just because I got the request denied. Also… if everything goes well, I’d like to leave earlier (2-3 weeks before Evo) to train with the best in California, anywhere that has good competition, I know that it’s early, but if anyone could give me a hand with that with tips/shelter/introducing me to people, I’d be infinitely grateful. Thanks in advance, and please, don’t troll me much for this. This is a serious plea from someone that’s closer than ever to fulfill a dream of many years.

Congrats Kane, hope your dreams come true…Gief shirt xl thanks

i’ll take one in S thanks

Bring condoms. Bitches in the U.S. love accents. Just tell them you do BJJ and white girls will probably be hella free.

Buy a gun. Everyone in the U.S. has guns.

Also if you don’t get the Visa don’t worry. Just take a flight to Mexico and sneak in.

On a serious note though if you want to stop in California first a good idea is stay in a college town close to the city you want to be in. Those type of places are set up for transients such as yourself. You can find stuff on craigslist.

Don’t drink the water.

Dude’s from Chile. He can export, bottle and sell it.

If somebody takes your money from you, gives it to wealthy people, and promises you that it will “trickle” back down to you… don’t trust him.

WTF? Don’t go spreading any god-damned rumors about-- oh. BJJ. Carry on.

That guy duped a whole country. :frowning:

Watch out for fat people.

^By the time he sees one of our fatties it’ll be too late.

Mathematically speaking, he should see a fatty on the flight to America.

G’luck man. I understand how it is getting to the states from S. America.

Actually, from anywhere. Just this week there was a story about a couple who said some… “badly chosen” words on Twitter and got detained at the airport and then deported.

This place sucks. :tup:

Confirm me that you’re going to Evo and consider it done. If not, I’ll find a way to ship it to you when I get there. I have a huge list of tees for gifts that I have to take over there :stuck_out_tongue:

To everyone else, nice stuff, I really really hope I don’t have issues with the visa though. The rest will be a slide, it’s just to get before to get some practice and check the difference in levels to not be surprised at Evo.

What do you plan to say at customs when the guy at the desk asks you what your business in the U.S. is?

The truth, that I’m going to LV to a FG tournament for which I won a free paid trip to. There’s no big deal over there in customs as long as I have my tourist visa, as far as I know. Besides, it shouldn’t be that terrible, I went to Europe 2 years ago for a few weeks, that should count to make them understand that I’m not planning to stay. Locals that went last year to Evo told me that I should just answer shortly and concisely and it should go fine.

Not sure, google us tourist visas or some shyt and apply as it says for the time and stuff youre going.

Apply with plenty of anticipation. I’m not sure where what site I can tell you to go, maybe your local government office can help you out

never forget to duck, cover, and roll if you hear shots fired.

to "bring da noise."
to “bring da funk.”

lastly if you go through Arizona on your way to Nevada…don’t speak spanish! they’ll deport you immediately!

Are we really that hard on visitors?