So I'm going to translate the SFA3 into Chinese


That must be hard work. SIGH
I’m here for some suggestions, for example, about special quotes or some facts that were sarcasm, for example, Ken’s “King of Fighters”.
Most of the lines were from mangas by … Hmm… I know little in Japanese…
I believe it would be an interesting thing to discover interesting facts from this game.
So could anyone give me some help?


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That sounds like a lot of hard work.

FYI as far as the win quotes go, there are 8 for each character in the US/translated versions, but in the original Japanese version of the game, all characters had 25 character-specific win quotes for every character in the game, and whether or not you’d get one of the general quotes or the character-specific ones was decided at random.

Also, Capcom USA’s translations sometimes have in-jokes which probably weren’t in the Japanese versions, I’m guessing Dan’s KOF quote is one of those.