So I'm in France


i’m wondering if any Paris heads wanna meet up for some mvc2 or 3S. i’m in Lognes right now, and if anyone can give me directions (which bus/metro/RER to take) or an address to an arcade, or point out some good spots to shop (malls, sneaker shops, etc.) , that would be greatly appreciated.

i’m basically finished with all the tourist spots, except for the Opera. some waiter at a cafe told me that there’s a casino there or something… but i’m not sure.

i don’t speak a word of french, and really need to get out of the house.

someone drop me a PM, and thanks in advance.

take the RER A , go to “chatelet les halles” station in paris , there is an arcade game place with some kof , hnk , sf … there is very good players here.
(google it before , the name of the arcade place is hokuto chatelet)

or go to disney village in chessy (eurodisney station in the RER A) There is an arcade mall too , but not so much fighting games.

oh my god, thank you. looks like they have some astro cabs there. where exactly is this place though? like, which way do i walk after i get off at chatelet les halles? also, can you give me a list of exatly which games they have there? i’m not much of a KOF person, but the place looks pretty good.

anoher thing - i dropped by the movie theatre near the disneyland and walked around a bit, but didn’t see any arcades. what games do they have there? i wouldn’t mind heading back if they have some games in my interest.

also, how much are the game in euros? .20, .50, tokens?

thanks yo.

lol that’s crazy, I actually live in Lognes ! It’s not that big of a city so it’s very surprising for me. My main games are alpha 3 and ST but I know a little 3s… I have no ps2 at home tho. Don’t look for arcades, they are all shitty. Try to directly hook up with the 3s community (btw nobody plays mvc2 here, NO-BO-DY), you can send a PM to Billykane, I’m sure he’ll be glad to have a few games with you.

Edit : if you want to go to the arcade at Opera, the easiest way to get there is to stop at the station called “Richelieu Drouot”. But keep in mind that there is virtually no (interesting) competition here, and a credit will cost you 2 euros ! No wonder nobody plays there…

haha, pretty good prety good. Lognes is pretty nice, a small community with a ton of soccer fans. haha.

i didn’t bring my stick with me… so yeah. now that you mentioned that the arcades aren’t so great, are there any good malls around? i dropped by this one place around the Torcy stop, but didn’t really find anything. i also dropped by o this OK mall at the Val d’Europe stop, with mad sales/soldes.

but one thing is a must. i need to, NEED to get in front of a monitor of some sort with 3S ahead of me.

oh, and i’m not leaving this place without a pair of size 10.5 Nikes.

anyways, let me know if you want to meet up or something.

thanks for the info man.*

edit - what the fuck…? two euros for ONE credit? ahdkfhakdfkjheadf.

Wouldn’t France be World Cup crazy at this moment?

france beating brazil = fireworks, speeding pugeots, and crazy dudes doing donuts in mopeds. and that’s in a small community/school area…

AFAIK, Val d’europe is the biggest mall we have around here. And this arcade at opera does have a 3s cab, so you might want to take a look there. Also try chatelet les halles (rer A) for shopping.

Yes we are ! This shit is driving people nuts.

you guys are fucking awesome. but 2 euros for 3S? qsdhflkqsdkfj.

thanks for the info though. i think i’ll drop by this arcade/shopping place @ chatelet les halles either tomorrow or monday.

someone drop me a PM if they wanna meet up or something. lets just say, i currently have no console, no stick, and limited access to a computer/internet.


cool. we don’t get to hear much about France on here. throw us some pics whenever you get a chance. Arcade pics would be great for this site. :tup: Maybe the Yellow Fever can finally be broken…Okay. I might be asking for too much there, but you can send the pics anyway.


You should try to make it to South France! I here it’s paradise there and maybe you can school some honies with your accent. Just walk around snapping pictures and asking cute girls questions.

ill post some pictures of the arcades when i get there. hmm, check back tomorrow or monday. and chances are, i’m not going to make it to south france.

but yeah… slow computer without photoshop = bad pics.

here’s one (non-resized) for SRK.

LMAO@ORLY sign!!! :rofl: You did that on purpose, didn’t you? :tup:



my cousins just got back from Opera, and said that the arcade was massive… and they were having a tekken tournament. shieeet, should of tagged along. blah, oh well.

blahhhh, also missed out on eating snails… twelve euros for a dozen though… =/

Eishi - is the arcade at chatelet les halles and the one at Opera worth the trip? if so, then i think ill drop by on monday. also, what kind of stores do they have around chatelet les halles? i hope it’s not like… gucci or armani or anything… :sweat: