So I'm new to this whole community. Looking for assistance and friends


Long story short, I’ve played a lot of guilty gears in my days… chucking coins and the sort… a fair amount of other 2D fighters. Not a huge fan of the 3Ds… but that’s beside the point. I’ve recently been introduced to the fighting game community… and decided to pick myself up a copy of umvc3 since it seems like the hot fighter right now. Lottle did I know, there is a lot to this game. At least a lot compared to my GG days. So I have a few questions…

First of all, let me explain my team. On point is Dante. I love the way he plays. He’s extremely aggressive, and that’s just how I like to play. My second character is Spiderman, for two reasons. First of all, my lady is a huge comic book fan, and her favorite marvel hero is spidey. Second, I read earlier that he’s great at pulling out anchors, chipping away at them, and most importantly if played correctly becomes incredible at lasting through the opponents X Factor. As for my anchor, I picked up Dorm. Because I love Dorm. And I enjoy the way he plays with the charges and all that fun jazz.
Now my questions are… first of all, is that a reliable team? I’m not looking for overpowered or unstoppable… I’m looking for characters that I enjoy that can hold their own on a fairly competitive level. Also, what assists should I be using? I figured black hole is best for Dorm… but that’s all I’ve got because my understanding of everything in the game isn’t 100%

Another question is this: why have I alwags have a problem with defense? I mean, I know I’m an extremely offrnsive player… but defense seems near.impossible for me to get good at. Any tips on how I can practice?

I’m sure I’ll have more questions soon, but that’s what I can think of for now. Also, please excuse any typos as I am posting this from my very slow phone. Which reminds me… I have no internet at the moment, meaning any practicing I do is pretty much solo for now. Which I figured is okay because watching my buddy get slaughtered online… I’m not ready for that.

Any help is greatly appreciated, and I look forward to becoming a part of this community.


First, find your local scene here.

Suggesting Spiderman - A / Dante - A / Dormammu - A. This team is solid.


I’m also new to the game and scene so I don’t have much of an answer to your question but I’d like to know what platform you play on so we can practice with one another. I checked your profile here and found nothing concerning that information.

Hope you’re on ps3. Ja ne (^.^ )


Unfortunately I play on xbox. And I will update my profile soon when I get a bit of a better network connection. Also, thank you Rampage for the link. I’ll have to check that out here pretty soon. And it’s good to know I picked a fairly solid team. I think the only difference I had was running spiderman - b

Another question: like I said, I currently have no internet for LIVE play. Is it worth my time to get to the point where I can play through arcade mode on very hard? Or is actual pvp play so vastly different that I should just study in training?


Training mode for times you cant play against people.
When you play against people you can learn footsies.


So in saying that, I suppose you mean it’s not worth my time to play arcade mode because it really is a difference compared to playing another person?


The computer on very hard reads your inputs. But there are ways to exploit the computer. So play locally.
Evo just ended and many people want to start. Find someone and make them your partner. Every week or so
run a first to 10. Document results. Play someone better after ask for tips learn your character more.
Study your character’s normals, learn footsies, Bnbs, punishes and you should be fine.


Awesome. Thank you. Also, where is a good website I can read up on things about this game? I visited the shoryuken wiki for umvc3, but I didn’t really learn anything. I want to find something that’s going to teach me things like what exactly bnb’s are, and all these other unfamiliar terms I see in these forums.


The stickies in this thread section are good.
Read those first. SRK Glossary and other stuff.


Boo. How unfortunate. Good luck in your venture then. Hope you make the progress you’re looking for.


Lol, Evo just ended and I want to just relax and not touch FG streams or games for a bit.