So im not sure where to post... (GGPO)


sorry if there is a different forum I should be asking this in, but I didnt know where to go honestly.

Im just curious if MvC2 and 3s are on GGPO ? I really wanna play MvC2 again but dont feel like buying an xbox or ps3. If anyone could help that would be awesome. Thanks.

also, how is the community for Darkstalkers 3 on GGPO? Im interested in playing that as well since DS4 is speculated. Thanks to anyone who decides to answer this question


MVC2 has never been on GGPO and probably never will be. The emulator used by GGPO (FinalBurn Alpha) does not support MVC2’s arcade board (Sega Naomi).

3S is no longer officially supported by GGPO. There may or may not be a way around this, but the playerbase on there has inevitably shrunken as a result of its formal removal. The emulator does a so-so job of supporting 3S’ arcade board (CPS-3).

For what it’s worth, the 3S port uses actual GGPO netcode, and the MVC2 port uses a clone of GGPO that impressively performs almost as well. Neither one is arcade-perfect, but most players feel that they are acceptable.

DS3 on GGPO has a small but dedicated following. (Pro tip for searches: these days, DS3 is usually referred to as VSav by the people who actually play it.)

Be aware that you need to be able to forward ports in order to play on (PC) GGPO. This is accomplished through your router’s settings menu. It’s very easy to do.


From what I’ve seen, the VSav community seems more tightly knit than the the other communities, so hopefully we get less of the split when DSR/VRes drops. Off course, this all depends on how good the ports of VSav and VHunter are.


is there anywhere (preferably on srk) that I can learn the basics / fundementals of VS? As far as I can tell, it plays more like Blazblue than SF, correct? Anyways, thanks for the replies. Much appreciated


There are a couple of Darkstalkers threads on FGD.

Also, I remember that we used to have a Darkstalkers section here. Dunno what happened to it.


trying to find it right now…kinda having a little bit of a difficult time finding what subforum its under


I searched for Darkstalkers in the “Search” option in the forum and see:


I think this might be what you’re looking for:


3S got put back on GGPO a while ago, if you’re interested you should check out Ford Strike too.


well ive actually never played the game in a serious fashin, so I dont even really know what the game emphasizes be it footsies, or just rushing down or whatever. Im not really sure of the game mechanics either. I mean I know there is a super bar and all that, but what game does it play like? From the matches ive seen, I find it hard to believe it plays like sf. It looks more similar to KoF or BB due to the rushdown stuff (I watched Sako videos lol…I know he was like, the worlds best, right? )


3S has a pretty unique feel and it’s a lot more offense oriented than most SF games but it definitely still plays more like a SF game than anything else.


lol ive played the shit out of 3s, I was talking about VS. Thanks for taking the time to respond though


VSav is it’s own beast. It doesn’t really play like SF at all.

It’s got chain combos, advance guard, install supers, and airdashes.

It’s fun <3


3S is also widely played on Supercade. almost half of the matches played there are 3S related. GGPO is likely to have better connection but emulation is also more buggy (black lines appear or screen gets black out of a sudden etc)

You can play MvC2 online through various console and arcade emulators with online plugins. (Pcsx2, NullDC, Demul etc)
NullDC is the best option with the least system requirements.

Problem is they do not support lobbies, you have to enter each player’s host address manually.

VS will remain active on GGPO even after the release. As it happened with MvC1 and Jojo.
A lot of people wouldnt buy an expensive console just to play few old fighters that are better emulated on PC.

I like that game more than SFIII but I think the game I enjoy most is Breaker’s Revenge.


Only MvC 1 is on GGPO. 3S isn’t on there as an official entry anymore, but it’s still on there. You just have to set up the roms correctly and all that.

Not sure about Darkstalkers 3, although I am curious myself. I’d like to get into the series.