So im on Trial 4 HARD

I can do c.lp,c.lp, ex Charge kick, c.lp, but when i get to heavy buff head it gets blocked.

what can i do to fix this?
i have tried this for over 6 hours, my arms are tired.

I am going very fast on the c.lp, c,lp in begining and trying to slow the c.lp, as much as i can and try and speed it up.

if your buffalo head is getting blocked, you’re not canceling into it, which should mean that you’re not linking into that and cancelling too late anyway.

every normal has to be linked in that combo, the only motions that needs to be fast are the cancels into specials.

You don’t really have to make a thread about every challenge mode trial that gave you trouble. It would be much better to ask your question in the pinned challenge thread, or perhaps make a thread in the newbie section so you don’t contribute to forum clutter.

I seriously dont know how to cancel.
I think the trials thread has alot of clutter :frowning: im just gonna emulate exactly how this guy does his with his button presses.

Pretty useful vid, cheers.