So I'm playing Darkstalkers Collection

Anyone else get this? I can’t say whether its arcade perfect or not, cos I don’t remember the last DS that I’ve played on cab. Everythings been console ports.

Good shit so far haha. More later.

Wow, didn’t know it was already out. Looking foward to some more info before buying it…

It’s out!?

God damn man I’ve been waiting for this. Is this the US release or are you playing an import?

Import. Spent uhh, probably 20mins playing it. Not like the other ports where you pick a char then mode. This is just like SFAC, pick a game from the menu.

I can’t really say whats diff if anything from orig. versions

Sweet, I’ve been looking forward to this release. Can’t wait to hear more about it. :smiley:

Check one thing for me, could you? Play Vampire with Gallon. He had a glitched winpose in the psx version (maybe the arcade, too…never played arcade) where he’s howling with his fur all spikey…and he has 2 tails. One is spiked like the rest of his fur, and the other is from his standing pose.

DA GAME hopes it comes out in the states soon that way DG has a chance to play Night Warriors since Sony didn’t put it on PSX.BTW anyone know where I could download some Night Warriors soundtracks from the game not the anime.

Aw man, I so want that game :sad:

You know how badly that game would’ve sucked on psx? The Saturn version is heavenly pats copy. I could probably winkawaks that shit down, then batch-encode all the wavs into mp3…on the opposite side of the coin, I’ve been busting my ass trying to find that psuedo-italian music from the anime that plays every time Felicia’s onscreen and not fighting.

I take it the endings are in JPN

You can find over 95% of the music here. Just click on media…unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll EVER find Felicia’s anime theme.

well i got chaos tower for psp which is basically the same thing as ds collection I suppose. All games in 1 package.

It’s ALMOST the same as CHRONICLE, not Collection.

Ordered my copy from play-asia yesterday. Pretty psyched.


From what I’ve read, this collection includes “arcade” and “full” (or “arrange”, as Capcom calls it) versions of many of the games; the full versions including missing characters (Phobos, Pyron, and Donovan for Savior; Gallon, Sasquatch, and Aulbath for Savior 2, etc.). Also, mulitple revisions of each arcade version are selectable (meaning you can play with glitches or without, I would suppose). Any details from owners of the collection?

That’s all I need to know! I can continue to snatch fools with the vs2 DF version of Gallon’s Moment Slice. Sweeeeet.

Actually I’d have to check that out, I don’t even know which version I’ve been playing haha. I’ll see about the “arrange” mode in the morning. I think I’ve been playing VS2. Something that caught my eye though during the intro for it, it looked like an evil donovan/demitri?

Probably a pointless question, but how import-friendly is it? I know fighting games tend to be in English, aside from win quotes and such, and I can normally find my way around them anyways, but I thought it’d be worth asking.

And just to clarify, so the arrange versions put the missing characters in, similar to how the psx version of Darkstalkers 3 has characters the arcade version doesn’t?


I wonder which version of anakaris’ super coffin has special effects like in CFJ?

Ok, I don’t know about that guy in the intro, I think thats normal haha. Anyways, about the “arrange” version, I don’t see it in any of the options. So I suppose that what you see is what you get? Anything else I should check out? Heres 3 random pics, the 3rd one has that “evil” guy I was writing about.