So I'm thinking of building a laser

A blue ray laser to be precice.

Good luck, and keep us posted on how your gonna do it!

There was a guy that posted a tutorial vid on metacafe to do just that. Is that where you are drawing your inspiration from?

Holy cow, good luck man! That’s super cool. I wouldn’t even know where to start.

PROTIP: If the endeavour becomes too expensive, you can always recoup the costs by charging gullible women for hair removal treatments.

What are you going to do? Blow up the sun?

Wow, how dumb was that? I created a thread, forgot about it, and then created another thread three hours later… Man I must be losing it… Anyway, here’s what I posted…

So I just found out that these particular HD-DVD drives (360) can output powers almost equal to the $250 6x burner drives, at only $40. I have of course, ordered one and I’m now planning getting the other bits and bobs I’ll need. While I have no soldering experinece what so ever, I’ve chose to make a couple of low powered lasers first using standard diodes, just to get the swing of things, but then I’ll move on to this baby. In case you’ve never seen a blue ray laser in action, this is what you’re looking at…


This particular laser is roughly 10mW at 35mA. Those diodes above have been found to output up to around 115mW at 110mA for the same price! That was, for me anyway, an oppertunity too good to miss. Nuts to spending huge ammounts on a 6x…

The initial builds wont be happening for another couple of weeks yet, but I thought I would let you know my plans. I will of course write up on them when the builds actually happen…

On the sidebar of the YouTube video you posted the guy called KipKay has a similar video…I think he’s the guy that originated this whole blu-ray laser madness.


It shouldn’t be too hard to build imo. All you need to construct is a simple driver circut, then it’s just a matter of attatching the diode and adjusting the pot (mA) till you get the output you want. I think the hardest parts will be extracting the diode and mounting it somewhere (aixis module) to stabalise it, but as I’ll be building a module first, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get it put together.

Making a propper pointer on the other hand, will be a lot more difficult. I was going to buy a cheap laser to modify, but I found a custom built laser barrel which was designed with “not so much fabrication” in mind, meaning all I’ll have to do is get the parts, asseble it and house it in the barrel. You can also buy an added, pre-built driver, which means it will be all the more simple for me to get the best results out of it.

But yeah, with these sleds being so cheap, I think I’ll probably pick up a few more once I get some more cash in…

As an example of what you get out of these diodes, check out this thread. The laser on the left uses a standard PS3 (360?) diode, the laser in the middle uses a 2x burner and the laser on the right uses a 6x burner. These particular freak diodes have only been found in the exact model sleds above and have outputted powers, inbetween that of the 2x and 6x. So you can see how finincially beneficial these sleds are, it’s all the more reason for me to take advantage of it seeing as these are supposedly, an old run of sleds…

a “laser”

Have anything further to say? No? Then GTFO…

Hope nothing goes wrong. Good luck!

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i cant find a link to it but i know that u can build a laser with a mini maglight, a dvd laser and a socket holder for the laser. i think the total cost is under 100 lol.

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