So is Chun going to be viable in "2014"



I think shes far more viable, if they buff her damage enough the lack of EX sbk buffs may not be too bad.

as for whether or not shes going to be really viable, i dont know.

what do you think?


High mid tier at best. She still lacks a solid reversal or strong oki game. Someone posted in the Facebook Fellowship (I think Cardell) that Chun will win a major with the patch. I’m not so sure. We will see more Chuns in top 8, top 16, top 32 for sure. I am still uncertain about her ability to win, but we will see once the patch comes around.


the thing is chun wont be strong if the players doesnt begin to use their heads. Buff or not we have too many lazy chuners out there


I only alt Chun, but I think she’ll be a real threat next patch >.>

Did anyone else notice in the video demo that Chun’s jump animation has less frames now? It looks like it’s not as floaty as it was before~


Who knows what they are going to add? They presented just a few changes not all of them.


Seeing how vortex seems to be getting nerfed (Ibuki neckbreaker soft knockdown, Cammy spiral giving more knockback from what I’ve heard), it’s going to be beneficial for characters with a strong ground game such as Chun, Balrog, Claw, Dictator etc. It might also be beneficial for characters that revolve more around landing their mixups against standing opponents, since others won’t be doing their thing except safer.
What it all boils down to for Chun though is how she’ll manage against the dive kick characters, and how strong those are going to be in the next version.

Just looking at her changes I’d definitely say she’s got a good chance of moving up to around high-tier.


I think the fact that unblockables are probably going to be removed means a lot in the Cammy-Chun match. I think it will be clearly in Chuns favor at this point (assuming all the unblockables are gone)

right now the main issue i have is that as a chun player you have to constantly out play the other person, you cant just put them out quick. the other player can make a ton of mistakes and still have a great chance to beat you. with the damage upgrade im hoping this has been solved. if so I think she will be viable.

Im anxious to see just how much damage shes getting. If we get a serious damage upgrade, then perhaps the Akuma match wont be as bad. I’ll always hate the viper match though


I think losing unblockables against cammy is bad for us


I think a lot at this point depends on the metagame. I feel like throughout the various incarnations her general gameplan hasn’t changed all that much, but the metagame going from careful offense to vortex offense really hurt her. If Ultra ends up being more like SF4/Super and less like AE/v2012 then she’s got a good chance to move up.

We also need to look at what happens to her bad matchups, and even some of her more even ones.


hey az ppl are saying that you know something about the new features… is that true?


Who is saying what? I’m just some random Chun player. But y’know, even if I did know something, it would be much smarter for me to keep my mouth shut, wouldn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:


i figure as much

look the ultra ssf4 thread a few posters have mentioned you


What exactly is the df+lk change? Maybe that’ll be a great anti-divekick move.


It should be back to its beastly old Super form. It was the closest she had (along with far s. mk… that’s what she uses these days) as an all-purpose antiair. I do not use it a lot (maybe I should), but in AE and v2012, it lost some of its invincibility and hitbox apparently. Back then, it was really good for combo’s into Ultra 2, especially off a trade.


It was never completely invincible. It just had a really, REALLY good hitbox relative to its hurtbox designed specifcally for anti-airing and with its trade effect, as long as you had at least an EX bar, you could threaten respectable damage against virtually any air attack (even Cammy’s notorious EX CS… which is also not invincible btw). Even then, the hitbox was so good that you were more likely to beat the jump-ins clean than trade most of the time. It was like a 10f DP vs air moves for the most part and if she gets it back in its complete SSF4 form, it’ll be the most valuable buff for her going into USF4.


I never really used it much in Super so I’m looking forward to it. I just got really used to other anti airs, this is gonna seem very new to me.


yeah that was their purpose with all the changes they said. To make stuff “new” and something to look forward to… down forward…


Chun Li should be Top Tier in every Street Fighter game to me. Shes the best female character in fighting games and not really a sex object. They need to make her hit box smaller and I may be wrong about this, but didnt she have a move in Vanilla that they nerfed a ton? Give that back to her.


Did anyone notice in the UK location test that ex kikouken knocked down again. Last patch note they released it was removed.

I really hope it’s back in there.


I had mentioned that ex kikoken KD had been removed, but someone pointed out it that it was there but missing from the list. Or was that the patch before? Regardless, looks like they’re pretty happy with chun’s adjustments.