So, is it not possible to do Dante's ABC > Sky Dance Air Combo anymore?

This was a BnB for me in Vanilla, and now every time I try, the opponent gets pushed back, and I can’t reach them enough to connect the Sky Dance. I mean, I can do it in the corner, but I also wanna be able to do it out of the corner. Is there a certain rhythm or timing that I have to do for the ABC? Thanks. Sorry, if I sound like a scrub.
I also think I somehow connected it once by a fluke, and I had no idea how I did it.

ABS Jump C xx Killer Bee, Launch, delayed jump B B C skydance still works. Then you can do stuff after the sky dance.

But yeah, better learn to bold cancel bro. :confused:

what do the double xx after c represent? (sorry i honestly don’t know >_<)

It means you have to cancel out of the C into Killer Bee

Yeah BC sky dance still works. I feel you Im still working on my bold canceling

You can do j.m j.h xx killer bee s j.m j.h xx sky dance.

Yeah, like they said it’s possible but it’s a lot tighter and you can’t do like ABCS> j.m j.m j.hxxkiller bee>S>j.m j.m j.hxxsky dance any more. Hit stun deterioration kicks in and some other junk.
Learn bold cancels. A lot more damaging.