So Is it that bad to be a casual fighting gamer?


Well, I was checking the front page for news here on SRK, and I found something interesting, a FG game thats coming to PC. Well somebody posted “Steam Please” and I thought it was a good idea to see that game on Steam. Then some guy who doesnt like Steam for some reason I dont care, just came up asking why Steam is so “special” then, I just answered his question saying that cards, achievements, cloud saves and scores are nice services that comes with any steam account. Then he just said that who cares about that “crap”, and other user(troll) saying that “Steam” is all about cheap players who are just looking for “time killers” but theres isnt any “serious” FG gamer there. LOL.
Ok, maybe Im not a top player in the games I bought on Steam, like KOF XIII, SG, Mortal Kombat 9, Street Fighter X Tekken. Actually I dont play online too much, just some matches per week, mostly in KOF and SG (actually I found many “serious” players online), but I believe I paid for these games as any “serious” player outthere, no matter in what system they play, I paid as they did.
I can see that any Fighting game, no matter in what system is, have achievements, scores and online stats, so if companies makes games with these things is because theres people like me that cares about that “crap”.
I bet theres many skilled players on Steam and PC, but Im not one of them. So if I only care about playing locals, achievements and scores, is better for me not to buy and play any FG outthere? Is it to bad to play a Fighting game just for fun??


the best way to enjoy the fighting game scene is to not talk with people who consider themselves part of the fighting game scene


Playing fighting games should be about fun first and foremost, IMO. Improving is part of what makes them fun, but by no means feel pressured by anyone to become some high-level player. Most of us who work full-time jobs and have active social lives would fall into the “casual” category when it comes to fighting games. Fighting games are dynamic, fast, and fun experiences whether you’re winning or losing. So have fun, improve little by little, and don’t worry about becoming the next Daigo.

PS - There are tons of high-level players who play fighting games on PC/Steam.


eduardo even prefers steam, no contest


PC ports of fighting games tend to be the best version of the game this gen. And I’d like to see that player go to the Up Your Game AE PC group and call them casual. Dude would get his shit pushed in.

I’d like to see things move away from consoles even though I know that’s unlikely to happen.


A thousand and one fucking times…THIS


Do you really need the internet to tell you what is fun for you?


It’s not bad at all.
Now if you were that asshole from a few years ago who demanded companies like Capcom and Namco dumb down their games to make them more “casual friendly” I would say you need to be beaten to death in the middle of the street and made an example of, But that seems to not be the case here. :slight_smile:

Play on whatever you want to play on, at what ever level you want, all that matters is YOU are having fun.


Not really, but It’s pretty bad to create threads about it.


You have some amazing and excellent answers here to work with.

As regards the other idiots: don’t listen to idiots. Seems pretty obvious.



Just wanted to add something here. The person who posted that garbage in the front page comments, WINBACK, is a known troll who I believe has had his forum account suspended. He currently posts alot of stupid bulshit on the comments of front page articles. The reason I’ve never personally replied to him is that, I don’t believe that engaging with this kind of obvious troll produces any sort of meaningful result and that doing so merely eggs them on. Best to just ignore them and flag their comments using Disqus’ reporting system.