So is Marn's performance in MVC3 teams enough for a yellow card?

Just curious. He’s obviously throwing these matches against Noel/Justin/Floe


MvC3 teams doesn’t have anything to do with the Evo championship series, so I don’t think so.

So its totally okay for him to just sit there and throw these matches, evo points or not? Whats the point if everyone is going to throw to their friends? Lets just give justin and the japanese all of the money and call it a day.

I wonder where the TO’s are with this and why they think this is fine.

Not saying it’s cool, but the Yellow Card system is only in place for tournaments that are a part of the Evo series.

Marn has been complaining about NCR all weekend on twitter. If it’s true, then it’s justified. But regardless, it would explain his attitude in teams.

There has got to be a reason why Marn is dropping these matches, he looks helps salty but since this isn’t worth Evo points there is no way he will get a yellow card. If I was NerdJosh I would slap him upside the head and tell him “Where you at”

NCR is definitely as part of the EVO Series isn’t it? Even if there are no Teams in EVO officially, being a part of EVO would mean it’s subjected to EVO’s rules. Otherwise, what’s the difference between was Marn is doing and what Justin did at Power Up? The fact that points were seeded? Well, points aren’t seeded at the actual EVO tournament. What’s stopping players from deciding to split the pot and throw the match at the grand finals?

They didn’t even play ssf4 team finals at UFGT7. >_>


EVO points only go for certain events in the game like SSF4AE singles and such. Those games are the only time EVO rules take into effect.

Justin was given the yellow card for something EVO-related.

Pot splitting however is another topic and is up to the tournament director to decide. This is John Choi’s event I think, so he would be the one making the decision.

IMHO stop the crackpot theories. You’re looking into things too much.

niggas always bitchin about somethin on srk

Difference between What Marn is doing and Justin has done is nothing how it affects future tournaments is the huge and only deciding factor. Marn won’t get punished by Evo

You guys jsut bored and want to make a topic whenever you can? Team tournaments aren’t worth evo points so EVO doesn’t issue out warnings or bans for them, only for singles.


GOD FORBID I see something I think is fishy and decide to just accept it and say something right?

People have opinions, deal with it.


dont take yourself so seriously. as others have said, its a team tourney. the only people that should even think about getting bitchy are his teammates

Why am I not surprised?

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