So is Marvel vs. Capcom 3 perfectly fine to play with a TE stick?

What I mean is…is the speed of the game more suited towards perhaps a Bat-Top with an Octo-gate instead?

Or is Marvel + HAPP still the best way to go? Personally I would rather not mod my stick to the point of changing it into a HAPP, but I’m just wondering…

If there is already a thread on this please direct me to it. Checked the MvC3 forum and nothing.

if you played tvc on a tvc stick you can play mvc3

It all depends on your tastes. I’m not abandoning a square gate and balltop for anything.

Just wait for the MvC3 TE to come out or wait for its 3 re-iterations.

All public builds of MvC3 have been using MvC2 TE’s. The game so far has only been played on those sticks so its fair to say that its quite suitable. People can still have their preferences just like any other game however.

My impression of playing it is that japanese parts will work just fine.

it’s personal preference, but it should be kosher. :stuck_out_tongue:



Your TV may explode.

Some where a little kitten will keel over and die.

Then an orphan will lose their sight.

Just kidding.

I believe that the only reason that Mvc2 players stay with Happ is because it is what they are used to for that game, but people have done fine in MvC2 with Agetec sticks.

Actually, no. MvC3 now requires dual digital directional input and 14 face buttons as well as voice and gesture based controls, all at the same time.

Seriously though, it’s all a matter of preference. I’ve seen local players pull off 6 reps of ROM on a JLF with barely any spring.

Aww man, not a first day purchase now. You ruined it for me d3v :frowning: I couldn’t wait to use my hacked Wii controller strapped to my wrists while using a stick and dancing infront of kinect just to do a DHC.

I already got my stick ready.

Bat-top, LS-33 spring (may try those Home Depot springs), JLF extender, and Toodles GT-C gate.

OP: How about you just practice with what you got?

Actually the gesture based controls would involve strapping the WiiMote to your head.

i bet thats whats markman meant by something new coming out.

I have not. However, i can dodge a wrench. Will that translate into dodging anything else?


Contrary to popular belief you cannot play TvC with a TvC SE, that thing was a piece of garbage. Easily more worth it to get an adapter and use a PS2 stick.

not when u swap out stuff :wink:

TVC SE worked out good to go… just the parts for the pushbuttons and stick were famous for their wear and tear issues… button swap and stick change out fixed that proper…

Everyone will switch back to jap parts after the japs show they can win at MVC3. It’s just how things work around here. Practice with what you have and you will be fine. Players make the equipment, not the other way around.

I thought MarkMan put proper Omron switches in the TvC SE’s stick?

Or are you all such elitist snobs that you swapped it out for the (crap) JLF straight-away? :wink: