So is Tekken 6 still active or


I recently just fixed my PS3 (more like I did video reset and everything worked again) and I’ve been playin’ a lot of Tekken 6 lately. I dunno if I’m gonna get to it today or anything (hell I might if there’s enough people willing to do so) but I was just wondering

Also there’s co-op scenario which…lol

Either way if it matters I main Dragunov, Lee and Asuka


The player base for T6 online has since dropped. A lot of Tekken players don’t even bother with it online, because the netplay sucks. You should still be able to find some people though, if you get on at the right time.

As for the co-op scenario, there’s almost no one playing that. If you host one and wait long enough, you might get a person.

You can add me if you’d like (for player matches and/or Scenario), unless you’re looking for seasoned players. I don’t have very much knowledge, as I’m kinda new to competitive Tekken, but I don’t just mash buttons either. Just as a warning though, I play Xiaoyu.


I can play you Chains our connection wont be so bad. Once i get Tekken 6 back.


Damn, that bad huh? Well shit…

Anyway ya I’ll totally play either of you if you’re willing, just say so I s’pose

Also – I don’t think the netplay ‘sucks’ per se, seems alright to me…any problems I’m not aware of, maybe?


T6’s netcode is ass, throw-breaking, SS on reaction, Oki games and alot of shit is plain impossible with the random delays and input lag that happen, its still enjoyable if you play for shit and giggles though.

You can add me OP (or anyone here) and we can get some matches in. I use Zafina, Lee, Dragunov, Lars and Anna if it matters.


Online sucks. But people still play.


thats funny, when tekken 6 was coming out all the tekken heads were all “omg the online play is going to be so much better than DR blah blah!!!”


Dro>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> t6o


It’s kinda true that the online part of the game isn’t interesting enough. I only did it for the achievements. But if you’re competitive enough you might find players online. I’d bet more on SC4 to have a stable online game or at least it was better than T6.


Tekken 6 online, even with the new patch, is better but nothing can compare to offline with this game or any other competitive fighter for that matter.

I got tired of getting arped by people with scarier looking ranks than me.