So is the Cal Poly food court gonna be open?

Last year I almost got raped for my cheese pizza from Little Caesar’s. Are there going to be food solutions this year?

lil ceezy got $5 for large pizza now though. Just walk in and give em $5 they got pizza’s ready on the go now.

we all can go to the pizza Parlors.:slight_smile:

Re: Re: So is the Cal Poly food court gonna be open?

Good idea, i’ve been fiending for the parlors as of lately.:smiley:

Reno crew is going to try and set up our own concessions stand with somewhat reasonable prices. We won’t have any $5 burritos, but we’ll have drinks and some snacks and shit. We got burned so bad last year this seemed like the only right thing to do besides tip over that stupid burrito wagon and jack all their chocolate milk.

parlors <33333333333333333333333333333333 i want pizza in my mouth oh god

i got somthing you could put in your mouth

chicken duh

bbq at shilo.

I almost got raped for my Ritz Crackers at evo2k2 … @@

If it wasnt for the wendys next to shilo I dont know how I would of made it last year