So is there a Guilty Gear XX AC+ EX character tier list?


I know they aren’t tourney legal but I was curious anyway.

Has no one even bothered because they aren’t tourney legal?


Why the fuck would you make a topic if you’re going to answer your own question in the first post?


Because that didn’t at all answer my question.

It was just my unconfirmed speculation.


Nigga said EX Slayer.


No one has bothered because some of them are broken as shit, so there’s no point. Also, because they’re banned.


do not want #r little eddie that builds guard bar + air lows and return of j.K


EX Dizzy is god tier because she is Dizzy. Ignore the fact that she is probably worse than regular Dizzy.


You can’t mess with burping bubble fish. You get hit by it, it’s like half life alone. You block it then get hit by some followup mixup and you’re fatal ko’ed.

also EX-Testament is lawls


Ex Testament is gonna throw out Exe Be-HOLYSHIT THATS BIG!!!


I’m a gonna poke at Ex-Testame-WTF WHERE HE GO? FFFFFFFFFucc

and EX-Sol has the laziest dustloop I’ve ever seen


You know I never really thought of that. Most of the time I’m busy thinking something like “WTFNOICESPIKESHITSUX” and then go play with real characters.


Why couldn’t Sol have EX Sol’s Charge Gunflame/Savage Fang/Tryant Rave verA?:sad:


Is it too late to tell the OP to GTFO B? :wonder:


Go right ahead.

I’m just going to tell you to eat a dick though.

And EX Sol’s dust Gun Flame thing has the unique quality of being both completely awesome and broken.


I would say this guy is Hadoukid’s alt but he just posts like an 11 year old rather then constantly claiming to be one.