So, is there anyone who feels like making a DualShock3 for the 360?

Yeah, basically I want to look into getting this made so I can continue playing fighters. Saw that converter, and frankly its pretty clumsy looking.

Anyway, PS3 is what I use for FG’s, and I’m pad 100% all day, since SNES. I can also do HAPP, since I was an old school arcader. Some people thought it would be cool to lift ALL my electronics including a custom cased 360, and PS3 60GB. I played PS3 only for fighters which made it a 80/20 split, so I replaced only the 360 as far as consoles. I’ll always be interested in fighters, I rebought UMVC3 on 360 and of course its going just DANDY with the 360 d-pad. I want to grab KOF, rebuy MK9 and get Skullgirls, but I gotta have a PS3 controller, especially for Tekken. 360 pad…we know about that, and I already had highly modded SE and TE for PS3 and still couldnt be comfortable like the old days, so a stick is out of the question.

Anyone up to the challenge? Also, a Season’s Beatings 3( couple years ago) This guy had a 360 controller with a PlayStation D-pad grafted in. It looked totally factory. Since I had a PS3, I didn’t think I’d need the info on that. That would also be great if someone knows about that.

What about an Xbox 360 TE PCB inside a DualShock 3 Controller?
That is what Gummo did.

Of course, the Analogs will not work.
Because the TE PCB is all Digital.

only a te will work?

FightStick, FightStick TE, BrawlStick, they all same.

Gummo does have a Mad Catz MicroCON that he is trying to get work inside DualShock 3.
That would mean the Analogs function.

so far ive made a dual modded sixaxis pad thats wired only (which is good for tournaments) but the analog sticks do not function and are glued in place. I tried working on a second one but the button sensitivity was terrible for some reason. Im able to fit a hacked mc into it so I could make it work for even more systems.

I have that mini madcatz pad that I might be able to fit inside to make it a 360 only sixaxis pad with analog sticks working.

If you want one made, or buy the one I already made, it wont be cheap.

I dont expect it to be cheap, with the cost of 2 controllers and labor involved, but are we talking “might as well buy used PS3” expensive, or what?

I really dont want to get a new/lesser PS3 because I had the best one, but if it makes more sense I might go that route. Id def want one with everything working, and would even pay more to have a 360 guide/leds grafted in, looking factory. I’ll be looking up options, thanks. Getting pretty pissed being unable to triangle jump. lol.

A cheaper lo-tech solution is a PS2 Dual-Shock with a PS2 to Xbox 360 adapter

That’s what I do and even if you don’t own a ps2 pad they’re cheap on ebay. As for converters I personally use thextokki converter but there are other lag-free options, I like the xtokki because it has a headset jack and little lights to recognize controller connection…$30, problem solved, unless you feel the dualshock 3 is a lot different than it’s predecessor and like it better.

For it to just work on the 360 then it would be $120 and you’ll need to provide the sixaxis pad. If you want the MC added so you can play it on the ps3 (and all the other system the MC supports) with detachable cables it would be $200.

This is one of the most difficult pads to mod which is why its so expensive. I’ve only seen one other person mod a sixaxis with a hacked wired MS 360 pad to fit inside (making it a 360 only pad, but analog sticks did work). I would do more research and development with modding the sixaxis if I knew there would be people willing to pay > $100 to have the mod done.

An Analog-D-pad swap would be easier than a Xbox 360 pad squeezed into a PS3 Dual Shock3/ Six Axis.
Even then that isn’t a easy mod.

Good advice there, its one of the converters I would recommend.

There some people outside of SRK TT who would do a Six Axis/ Dual Shock 3 to convert to a Xbox 360 pad but the mod will not be cheap, and possibly not pretty ether. Were talking a $500 custom job for a pad here.

All this makes you wonder why no company has simply made a 360 pad shaped somewhat like a DualShock.

Probably because the largest market for such a controller (first person shooters) considers the 360 pad better than the ps3 one, and the second largest market would mostly rather use arcade sticks…

Anyway, throwing my hat into “get a PS2 controller and converters” pool. You might’ve seen the PS3->360 converter that requires another 360 controller to be plugged in to work, can’t blame you for thinking that’s clumsy and janky (it’s also a pretty outdated piece of technology)… but PS2->360 and PS2->PS3 converters don’t need another controller to be plugged in, and they aren’t half-bad aesthetically either.

Surprisingly enough, based on doing the rounds of sites like TZ, 8WR and FSD, not everyone agrees. In fact, for some of the communities for 3D games, there are those who look at sticks and ask “what’s the point.”

Another alternative (likely still cheaper) would be to get a modder to do an internal DualShock2 to 360 conversion by adding an etokki (or similarly lagless) adapter into a PS2 controller. Or, for excessive class, transplant the PS2 controller guts + an adapter into the shell of a PS3 controller and line up the player LED’s properly with the (I assume) light pipes that are in there already. Either way gets you (outwardly) about the same thing as the OP asked for, unless there’s some performance preferential thing to having a native 360 controller over an adapter. And it may end up being a simpler mod.

Mind all of you, I haven’t seen the inside of any of these adapters, so I’m completely talking out my rear here. But take out a DS2’s rumble motor, and eliminate the PS2 controller connectors, and you might have a match made in heaven. I dunno, anybody’s thoughts?

EDIT: Dammit, now I’m thinking about this as a fun project. Anyone know what known-lagless adapter has the smallest PCB inside? How about pictures of the etokki adapter, stripped of it’s plastic? I might try my hand at this, it’s been a couple years since I had occasion to dremel a PCB. >.>