So it begins! my first mod

well i got bored today and decide to start the process of getting my hori ex2 stick prepped befor buttons get in…due to me forgetting it was memorial weekend i wont get them till tuesday . hopefully…anyways this is the work i started doing i took pics of everthing i started so far…oo yea befor i forget thanks to everyone on srk for the write ups and all ,wouldnt of been able to do this with out you all!

mods that are soon to come and be installed
3x sanwa-30/red
3x sanwa-30/white
1x sanwa bubble top ball/red
1x sanwa gt-y restrictor plate
4x cherry switchs

tools used:
common and philips screw driver
dremel tool or dremel bit
wire cutters
salder iron and salder
18g soild wire

the begging

using a philips screw driver start and remove the 6 screws that hold the back plate on

tada! in side of your hori ex 2 figtstick…there are 12(6 and the sister board and 4 and the main pcb board) salder point connections that you have to remove to get better access the buttons to swap out

one you get the board apat from the buttons next thing to do is to remove the joystick ball and shaft and remove the crappy four way gate restrictor plate

easy way to get the ball off is get a towel and pliers wrap the towel around the shaft and grab with pliers and twist the ball off with your hand it comes off fairly easy

now to remove the 4 way plate just remove the four screw that hold it in. there are tabs on the sides the hold the whole thing together just take your hands or flat head screw driver and pull the tabs. and now you should have the plate off by now

to get the shaft out also take a flat head screw driver and try to pry the c clip out its what hold the hole stick assembly together its a pita just to let you guys know.

now that the stick is removed start to peal the sticker back on the board there are 6 screws total(3 on top and 3 at the bottem)

once you got the plate off there are two tabs on eash button hole that have to be grinded down in order for the sanwa button to fit

and for now this is where im at i didnt think the usps would runn today but they just came and dropped off my package. so i will finish this write up tommorw with more pictures

Good stuff.

But since you already had taken the Bottom Plate off, you didn’t need to towel your Shaft.
Just put a flathead screwdriver into the slot at end of Shaft to hold in place while you twist off Ball Top.

And your new Ball Top is Seimitsu.
LB-39 in Red right?

yea my bad its seimitsu lb-39…lol…

Looking forward to seeing your continued write-up.
I like reading these things.

thank you…got the parts in and installed just gotta post them and finsih the write up. which ill do tommorrw

part 2
got all the parts intoday i just put the buttons in and the gt-y gate. tommorrow i will be saldering all the wires up to the pcb board that should be a quick job

yay for pretty new buttons!
sanwa-30mm red and white combo

bubble top ball

sanwa gt-y restrictor plate

i took everything apart again

befor installing the buttons into the blank plate you just grinded down now you have to cut or grind down these little nubs on the button …i used an exacto knife it worked very easy for me. do that to all your buttons to get a secure fit

when placing the buttons in you will hear a “SNAP” sound knowiing that the buttons are secured in

once all the buttons have be secured in it time now to put the stick back together .just reverse the order you took it apart and remeber to put the “C” clip back in. after that is all down now its time to put your newly fresh sanwa gt-y gate on. your going to have to take a 1/8 drill bit and drill new holes out due to the fact that it doesnt not line up with the holes on the g-ty. luckly there are whole there already as you can see in the pic that give you a ref as here these holes are… after that just set the gate in place and take the four screws and screw them back in securing the plate and switchs…i will be replaceing the stock switchs with cherry switchs next week so look for the write up on that

so pretty much again this is where im at just have to salder everything up inside and ill be good to go…so to be continued

Looks pretty damn nice. I like the colors you went with.