So IT JUST occured TO mE


That we need more people to play third strike. So I suggest we all go door to door offering people dvd or cd,s with avi’s in 'em, that show us beating ass on 3rd strike. Maybe throw in a combo video.

The best part is that everyone has to record their venture.

I will be recording mine at super arcade sometime in the near future.


Also, fuck you guys.


[media=youtube]Nl4mWD-KEi4[/media] Related


Maybe Super Arcade will start running 3S OE ( i really hate that shit fuck game ) because of the Capcom 25th Anniversary qualifier tournament in Oct


What’s up Christian! I like that booty shot you got of that girl on your facebook. That thing is awesome.


I want to start a not-for-profit arcade/bar/restaurant/deli/venue in Atlanta when I get the chance. 3S CABS EVERYWHERE.


That reminds me of a dream I’ve dreamed many times since my downtown arcade closed and the fancy of the crowds shifted to newer flashier things.


Rather than a combo video, you’d probably get better results with video tutorials for characters. As far as I know, the only really good character video tutorial is Clawstrophobia, and that could be remastered.


this Makoto tutorial is really good



With all the knowledge of all the characters, every character should be able to have a good video tutorial like this or Clawstrophobia. Even those could be improved on by simply adding a voice-over.


Yeah, it’s pretty funny. I’m getting rid of my PS3 and my gf and I are going to go halfsies for a 360 (mostly for her. She really wants a kinect… And I still have all of my 360 games, specifically 3SOE) but I just haven’t had much joy in video games as my Gamecube and original xbox gave me (CVS2 EO say WHAT?)… And arcades. So I figure I’ll just make some friends who buy expensive new consoles and play their games instead of the 1000’s of dollars we subtly spend on every generation. I love arcades and my gamecube. 3rd Strike, Metroid Prime and Wind Waker are all I need in life. So, I figure why not be ambitious and give back? A lot of kids are going to grow up into mindless violence games (lol 3rd Strike) and really have no other outlet that’s fun and actually challenges you to get creative to solve puzzles. (Wind Waker has some butt fuck puzzles “Ghost Ship.”)
I mean, it’s a lot like sports teams. If the community (pretty much everyone that play video games) doesn’t support it then we’ll be subject to the mediocrity that is EA.
Idk, it’s a dream and an annoyance at the moment.


You live in Atlanta?


Yup yup.


pm me, we should get together and play offline sometime



Oro uses both hands when he says: fuck you guys.
Rare footage of Super Art 4.

For a just general gameplay specific tutorial, there’s always thongboybebop’s Part 1, Part 2 M.I.A.


Joystick overlay almost Virtua Fighter style is pretty dope. Eventhubs jerks stealing it for a rehost confused new guys in thinking that was standard, not a bad idea, or worse, Eventhubs made it.

(Note: hitbox will really confuse you on this one. But its up to you to play with what you want/prefer in the longrun)


Oh, come on, AKUMA-HAX! It’s not like I’ve never used a stick before. I’ve seen that video before, but I should probably watch it again since I’ve gotten a firmer understanding of the game.


Thongboy still owes me 40 bucks


Just saying Hitbox 1-236-236 would make my head explode. 12369 “counter clockwise” either, even if there’s like jump button? = up shortcut but you may not want any up but keep a horizontal charge during or the hidden… right. Probably not going to happen for me. would make my crotch explode.


defensive crouch to 2QCF is way easy. Tiger knees took a little getting used to, but they’re not any worse than normal. If you ever get the chance to play on one, give it a shot.

I’m really curious: why?


He never finished his second video. The deal was that he finishes the second video or he gives the people in the thread 40 bucks each.

That guy had an intense laugh, man and his twelve was crazy good.