So, it seems next KOF is going DOA

SNK Playmore had previously announced the next KOF and Samurai Shodown games were going to be 3D graphics with 2D gameplay.

Just check at the game models shown today:

If Alice is going to be playable, I think it’s safe to say this would be more or less a “Maximum Impact 3”.

What are your feelings about this?

Who the fuck is the girl on the left?
And if the man on the left side of Haomaru is suposed to be Terry then L.O.L.

That better be PREDIKTAHBOL TWO EZ Geese Howard on the right.


These rumors have been floating around for a year. We’re officially getting a new KoF?

I think that’s Nakoruru?
Also what a waste.
the traced 3D in KoF XII/XIII looked very good

Yeah, they’re developing new KOF and Samurai Shodown fighting games.

i bet tecmo is pissed that nak looks like an exact replica of hitomi from doa. terry and geese look like the same guy but in two different moods. as long as it isn’t intended to replace their normal 2D series then it’s no big deal i guess. unimpressive designs in this pic either way.

Oh, it is.

Yeah…old man Terry…

It’s a pachinko game.


I thought Samurai Showdown already went 3D.

It’s supposed the next game will return to 2D gameplay…

No, it is not. They’ll be two new fighting games (KOF and Samurai Shodown), 3D graphics, 2D gameplay. They announced they were hiring programmers and graphic designers for that like 4 months ago.

Gotta say, I’m not happy about this. I like what ASW has done with Xrd, where the models look 2D. I’d be ok with any 2D fighter copying that style. Judging from the pic in the OP, that isn’t what is happening.

Why are people complaining about renders for a pachislot game that will never leave Japan?

I mean, you wanna see awful, look no further than this

You gotta contempt with Xuan Dou Zhi Wang. That’s basically a classic KOF game, at least in spirit, but with a good upgrade in the visual style :stuck_out_tongue:

Still better than the ones in the new announcement D:

I gotta disagree. The animation quality in XDZ Wang looks worse than KOFXIII to me. In fact, I think KOFXIII is a pretty damn good looking game. If they had that same art style, but with the 3D cinematics of Xrd, I’d be so happy.

I have a feeling the chick on the left is supposed to be Yuri or Athena…

It’s athena, I’d recognize that hairband anywhere, also, I have zero hope for this art style, this looks horrible and I am scared.

c’mon minimalist SS fighting game~

but seriously, those models look like ones in XDZW. aka bad. hopefully the games look better in motion (more like Xrd plzkthx)

Maybe Neo Geo Battle Coliseum 2?