So it seems some of the guys from the Anime/manga thread have moved in

To the neighbors house down the street. From what I have been told, these guys are all sex offenders of the kiddie variety. Our street is wedged inbetween a liquor store and a grade school. This doesn’t seem to be the best equation to me, and I was wondering what you guys would do in this situation besides the obvious which would be to throw a copy of strike witches into a busy intersection and hope for the best.

Damn dude that’s pretty low.

I’m sure your neighbors will appreciate the thought of you telling them you moved into the area. :tup:

Well, I can’t think of anything else to do besides spit some hot lead at these dudes. It wouldn’t be the first time I made ppl move out of this neighborhood. It just seems like that house has been out of control for a while, what with cops being over there and shit. The only reason I haven’t regulated is cause I knew them from way back when, and I know they were on some hard times, and their kid is still in school.

But now this shit is getting real serious, I mean how the fuck harbors a bunch of fucking pedophiles in their house especially when they are stone throw away a school and playground? My fucking town just sucks ass on so many levels. Maybe I will get lucky and they will decide to play methlab and blow their short dick, slice of life anime watching asses to the lowest depths of hade were they belong.

The only way to get us out is throw 10 copies of Ikkitousen S4 at us. And then we’ll consider it.

Pretty sure those guys are not interested in the T and the A. They did just move right next to a grade school after all, and I can’t remember that last time I saw a 10 year old with a rack.

When you do, let me know.

So you’re a sex offender eh? HAVE AT YOU!

They’re hot for the teacher at the school who’s 17 and has NN cups.

your cool angel

lol here you go, crazy av btw

I added a poll to help me further decide on what plan of attack to take but other suggestions are recommended.

Hi how you doin? Why don’t you have a seat? Right over there

Primary School + Paedos+ Liquor store? Now that’s a combo.

wait wait wait.
offenderS? plural? in the same house…?

Man on Fire! Man on Fire! Man on Fire!

Ahem… I should point out I don’t endorse violence usually, but in this case…

[media=youtube]bJLhQoxenB8"[/media], why dont you have a seat over there?

Child molesters stick together. Why do you think everyone from 2003 and back joined?

The only way to sate the child diddling beast is with offerings. Kodomo no Jikan keeps their hands on their dicks and their dicks out of Little Timmy’s beleagured asshole.

Yes, apparently its 4 different people, all in one house, at the end of the block, RIGHT next the school. Maybe I should just go introduce myself sporting my pistol tucked into the trousers with a dirty wife beater on?