So it's $50+$10/game WITH the $20 off?

Yikes… It’s not THAT much I know, but it immediately discourages me from entering the games I don’t have a remote chance at.

Yes…that’s what it is.
Luckily if you don’t want to enter any games there’s the spectator passes.

Enter anyway, in my mind if your going to the event you might as well enter the tournament. I’m not the best player, but I managed to go 3-2 and nearly make it out of pools in Marvel at EVO last year.

Does that mean spectator passes go up to $40?

It’s the same price as last year. And the year before.
And Chicken: No, the spectactor pass prices are supposed to stay the same (I’m 90% sure of that).

If everyone had the mindset of “Why bother entering if I know I won’t win?”, then there wouldn’t exactly be tournaments in the sense we know it today. The winners are generally the known pros and sometimes a new player making it to the top using tech we haven’t seen before. The point of entering tournaments is to have fun and gain experience that sometimes can only be obtained from tournament play. I use to think the same thing and wondered why I should bother wasting $20 at a local tournament when it’s the same handful of people who always get to top 8, but then I realized the knowledge you gain from it is worth it. If you really love FGs [and possibly the community], you’ll spend the money for the fun and experience.