So its established...Sagat is garbage in this version of the game. Who are you switching to?



Some of us have the hope that things will be altered in the update in august when the disc version of the game comes out. However, given capcom’s track record when it comes to alterations with Sagat, i think we all know what that means:

A) even more nerfs because we somehow think he is still vanilla Sagat.
B) we will give you decorative “buffs” that are really nerfs in disguise.

So…even though none of the cast currently seems like a viable choice for me, and i do enjoy playing sagat immensely. I am considering picking up a second character to go along with Gat. And hey, who knows, if I enjoy said second character, i might just switch. I know i’m not the only person thinking this right now. So sound off. Who are you looking into and why?




Basically she was the character in 3rd strike i liked the most and i love her rushdown playstyle which is finally a nice change in pace since my reads can actually lead to some decent damage in this version.


I am messing around with Gouken. Also thinking about trying some rushdown character, maybe Ken or something. I feel I get a bit lost without that uppercut haha, but just randomly testing in arcade I liked Gouken better.

Must be said tho that I am at a really low level in SF, so my opinion doesn’t matter that much. Anyone have a good suggestion with a rushdown character that is not too hard to learn/play with?


You can try Yun. Easily chained combos and redfocus works well for him.


I’m looking into guy myself. Not the strongest character, but i do like his playstyle and he is almost a polar opposite of sagat.


I tried Gouken for a while. He’s great against zoning characters but even more susceptible to being rushed down than Sagat because he has no way of breaking focus and a slower (on start up) fireball, plus his AA options are generally weaker.


Been putting in serious time with Adon.

He has a DP, good zoning, can play defensive or offensive, good buttons, and damage.

Him and Sagat complement each other really well IMO since Adon struggles against grapplers and charge characters while Sagat doesn’t.

They both share the Akuma/Ibuki bad MU however.


Thanks for the tips guys, I tried Yun right after the launch og Ultra, cool character but I don’t like having so little life to play with.

I tried Guy during xmas holidays and I liked him, remember it started really good, but went downhill so I just switched back to Gat again… Is he any good in Ultra? Might consider picking him up again.

Then there is always this freakin Juri haha…


Some of Guy’s weaknesses were addressed in Ultra, however all i have is superficial knowledge at this point. You could look into the change list or check out the Guy forum for more info. Needless to say, the changes weren’t groundbreaking, so if you didnt find the character efficient before, chances are that would still stand.


gonna try and learn cammy, i get more wins playing sagat pushdown anyhow, so why not play as a character with damage and buttons?


Don’t feel like I am getting anywhere with this game, I just keep getting bodied for whatever I do…
Guess I just have to realize that this was not something I was meant to do…


Well it’s going to be tough going with Sagat if you continue, but it’s definitely possible to win most of your matches as an online warrior. At high level, Sagat is pretty much useless at this point, but at low-mid level he’s good enough to get you to 3000pp (not that that means anything).

It took me a over a year and half to be somewhat competent at the game, so it will happen, but it takes time. If you have someone that can coach you, the process will probably be halved or less. It’s the sort of game that you can play an hour a night and continually improve. Can’t say the same about other online games, like LOL, DOTA or SC2, whose skill caps are quite a bit lower IMO (SC1 is a different story though).

Wait and see what happens in August. If they don’t buff Sagat, I’m done with the game personally. I simply don’t have the time or the desire to invest in a new character.


Post some video of some Sagay play and the people here will be able to advise.


Bah, I was suppose to put this game away… so hard when you get so motivating answers haha.

Yeah i’ve been playing for a little less than a year now, just feel that I am at a halt where I don’t get any better. Gonna try again and start from scratch and focus more maybe. Anyway thanks for keeping people motivated, helps a lot. Don’t know if I dare posting videos haha :slight_smile:


There’s a thread here specifically for uploading vids and getting critiqued:

Don’t worry if your Sagat’s bad. The important thing is to get better.


come on sirEld…you know you want to, lol.


Hahah I am gonna try to reset my game and practice harder on different things, then see how its going… I find it hard and boring to start a new character, nobody is badass enough haha :stuck_out_tongue:


i find usf4 have alot of characters with alotta different styles of play.
and when you have alot of different styles, you have different types of faults.

sagat is designed as a zoner.
so of course hes gonna have faults against rush down characters with variation of specials that swim through his projectiles.

i counter pick all the time :smiley:
whatever, i play to win.

the characters i play the most lately.
1st Yang - MU against everyone except grapplers
2nd Sagat - MU against grapplers and characters with large hitboxes like rufus
3rd Fei Long - MU against everyone…
4th Chun Li - MU well against chargers except dive kickers…


Makoto. She had been my serious secondary char since Super. I’ve played her exclusively since I decided I could not stand the new Tiger Shot.
Sagat is counter pick status as far as I’m concerned.


guess we both aimed for the same train huh.