So it's official, Smash Bros isn't a fighting game


As the man says. What do you guys think?


Who gives a shit? The game is fucking fun.


I think we should move the Smash thread out of GD to Fighting Game Discussion just to piss people off.




I wish anybody who had any opinion on this actually read the article.

The statement is just about defining Smash by what it is instead of by the arbitrary limitations of a genre.

You guys are so much better than the EH comments section, please don’t let me down.


He just said that by adding labels you limit your creativity by narrowing your views on what is expected. that’s all he said.


You really think that?


(May I say that this was already put in the Smash thread on the first page here btw.)


I already knew it, is a damn party brawler game, that for some reason the smash players love to ruin with their stupid rules.

Please Sakurai, take out the option to turn off the items, and make random stage select the only option.


Fuck Items, Random select I could adhere to however.


And according to Ono sf4 is just 3s beta…plz someone close this thread before it gets ugly.


The Ono analogy is apt. Sakurai’s definition means squat.


This game is no longer qualified to be at fighting game tournaments for life.


You know it might very well get that way. I was kind of counting on a show.

Awww man, I didn’t realize this thread was already posted…


Whether or not Smash Bros. is a fighting game is something that only nerds care about.

Oh no, somebody called a videogame one genre and I think it’s another genre. LET’S HAVE ENDLESS THREADS FOR YEARS TO NOT HASH THIS OUT.


Smash players think removing items and wacky stages makes it a competitive fighter, yet Injustice is full of unblockable stage items, transitions and interactables (like the electric wires in the batcave), yet the game is taken very seriously.

Smash people don’t get why it’s not a fighter. It’s not cause it has Nintendo characters in it. It’s not cause you play on stages where’s they tons of stuff going on. It’s not cause it can be played with up to 4 players in a FFA anything goes environment. It’s cause fighting doesn’t mean you win and winning doesn’t mean you fought (though it’s more of the former instead of the latter). I can land multiple attacks and do tons of damage yet my opponent won’t lose unless they fall off the stage or I knock them off, and if I knock them off, that still doesn’t mean I win if they can come back. I have to use the right attack, at the right spot, with enough power behind it and enough damage done to send them outside the stage boundary to keep them from coming back. That’s similar to a wrestling game where I have to get a pinfall to win. Simply striking and slamming my opponent won’t get me anywhere. If you play a game where fighting only increases the odds of winning and is not the requirement for winning, then it’s not a fighter.

Thing about Melee though that made it very similar to a fighter is at high damage, just about any attack could launch far enough for a KO depending on the stage, though the game still has several moves that don’t have any knockback to them.

If Stamina was the standard for Smash, it could be classified as a fighter since any attack would directly lead to KO, not to mention change the tier list dramatically. Metaknight would have a hard time against zoners since they could lame him out and wouldn’t be forced to engage him at all for a KO, and characters with little knockback could focus on scoring hits and dishing damage without having to worry about hitting a Smash attack.


Who cares what you call it? Street Fighter 1 was classified as a arcade action game, as was 2 before it completely defined the genre and the imitators came. Smash Bros can be used for competition, the same as several other games from Tecmo Super Bowl to Call of Duty to various racers. Just because it doesn’t originate from Capcom or play exactly like the biggest fighting games doesn’t mean it is any less legit for it to be at tournaments as long as people want it there.

Haters move on. Plenty out there in the world to spew venom on rather then one of the few consistently entertaining series out there.


Not to take away anything from the merit or your post because I agree.

But those stage items, are stage specific and aren’t randomized.

I think if random shit fell from the sky with injustice, they’d probably be turned of for the sake of integrity.


Items and wacky stages have no business in a tournament setting.


If smash isn’t a fighting game, then why is Mario a shoto

Hadoken=neutral B fireball
Shoryuken=up B uppercut
Tatsumaki=down B tornado