So its pretty quiet in here



Alright dudes.

I was curious why the jaguar master gets so little loving.
I have to say ive been quite disapointed as of late. I used to check this forum most days and yet I find sometimes nothing has been posted.

So what is it thats keeping people from posting? Has everyone moved on from Adon?

im sure everyone has their own reasons but heres a few thoughts I was having.

  1. is it because the original posts dont seem to get updated any more?
    I think keits asked a while back and id love to do it, except I dont really have the time due to coursework, and im not so sure I am good enough with Adon.

  2. There is literally nothing new to talk about?

  3. People are bored of him/hes shit they have moved on?

  4. he is too hard to pick up? :s

Anyway I personally feel there is more to Adon than what ive read on these forums, perhaps all that is needed is a few updates here and there to the stickied posts?

Hope there are some people to reply and share their thoughts… not that I feel this is gonna change anything but who knows? :smiley:


Well a lot of the players have moved on to MvC3. Its the big new shiny Capcom fighter, and its very accessible and fun at all levels. Its not just Adon forums that don’t have a lot of posts, its pretty much most of them. The ones that get posts daily are usually just the players socializing(Dudley forum has one, Vega forum has one, Bison has one, I forget a few others).

I’m sure the boards will be more active once AE shows up on consoles. Adon lost his quick wake-up, but he got some buffed normals and still just as solid as ever.


I think alot of players feel as though they reach a plateau after playing with Adon after a certain time.He is a very simple character in terms of combos and mixups which leads to people getting stuck on how to improve their game with the character. Everything is very basic with Adon, his option selects are easy to learn, he has one really good anti air, his poke/normal ranges arent too hard to learn compared to other characters and he only has one simple frametrap. He has no complex links to learn or hard combos into ultra. The one thing that is truly hard to master with him though, is his jaguar kick game.IAJ’s (the proper ones that end in up) are hard execution wise to consistently do and knowing when to use both versions is a skill that cant be processed into text in a forum. The way Gamerbee uses JK’s is really amazing and I’ve yet to see other Adon players reach his level with Adon. As far as I know, no one picked him up in the states as a main character and won with him which is another reason why hes unpopular. I only know of one high level Adon in Europe.


i agree with cheech i reached a plateau with adon my main is ibuki so im use to have the ability to do crazy mixups and frame traps and screw with my opponent’s head left and right but adon is so basic and not really tricky at all so im stuck at how to get some good mixups and stuff going and since xxteefxx started playing mvc3 all the time i don’t have any real super good adon players to get tips from especially since the adon forums are basically dead and no1 replies so i just been doing stuff out on my own trying to get better and improving upon old stuff recently said on using adon


I like that Adon is so basic. He’s not somebody who relies on 1-frame links and trickery to do damage like Abel and Viper. He’s not somebody whose game can win or lose depending on how much you know how to mix-up vortex on wake-up like Fuertre, Ibuki, and Akuma. Just know the normals, get those IAJKs down, and know how to FADC into U2. I know I’m simplifying it a bit and not taking match-ups into account, but compare to a lot of characters he really isn’t that hard to get good with. And if you look at this tier list, he doesn’t have a lot of bad match-ups. In fact, he has the most 5-5 match-ups then anybody, lol(although I think Gief might be 6-4, probably gets worse in AE with the increased SPD range)

He’s a mid-tier character with some basic tools for pretty much every situation.

Then again, I play Balrog, maybe the most linear guy in the game, so maybe I just like the characters who keep it basic lol.


I dont know if I like these responses or not haha, true or otherwise you are all correct about his being quite basic, its one of the reasons I have stuck with him.

I guess there just isnt much to discuss about him because of this then. I think if these forums havent seen much of a change by the summer I shall see if I have the time to update as much of them as possible. I have been doing a few things lately that I wasnt aware I could do previously and searching these forums can be a royal pain in the ass :stuck_out_tongue:


Its best not to sweat it man, mvc3 is the main reason tho I know of alot of people who mained adon and complained so much that they said fuck sf all together and just moved on to mvc3 now they complain about tha robot :/. I would love to see this forum with more of a pulse, I would love to contribute more but Idk what I could say or mention that is not already known.