So, I've been trolling ranked lately

And I gotta say, I don’t know how someone so concerned with “re-balancing” the game could allow such an obvious flaw into the game, and yes I’m talking about Akuma.

I like how on Sirlin’s blog he mentions the hop for the air fireball fixes everything, when the hop is what breaks him. Not to mention, why keep a move in the game that induces terrible fireball lag.


Hey, man… if Akuma is legit enough for blitzfu to used in ranked, Akuma is legit for me, too~


It seems that ranked isn’t the only thing that this guy has “been trolling”.

Oh hey, what’s up Sirlin Jr. Don’t like legitimate comments?

Everyone that plays Akuma on ranked is pretty bad, though, so it’s no more unfair than running into one of the people that actually knows what they are doing. I’ve told people that they can feel free to play Akuma against me and they all do worse than with their mains. Plus, ranked has this other issue where people aren’t penalized for quitting, but just because it’s normally used for evil doesn’t mean you can’t just quit as soon as the first round starts if you don’t want to play against Akuma. Alternatively, you could just learn the match up like any other counterpick.

As for the hop, it reduces the possible frame advantage that he gets from the air fireball, gives you more time to hit him if you walk under it, and makes it easier to hit him if you jump over it.

I was actually using Akuma…hence the trolling. I dunno, I find the hop gives him a serious (and obvious) advantage over non-fireball characters, it makes it harder to knock him out of the air, allows him to air fireball for free basically, can still get frame advantage with it. I have no trouble playing against Akuma players. Like you said, a lot of the ones online are terrible bad. Although, a laggy akuma can get free wins.

And yes, lol at the amount of rage quits I get when I played ranked. Had some great games versus rice247 in friendlies today.

Madpossum is also very fun to play, he has a very good Honda.

Am I a bad person for using Akuma occasionally just to mess around and beat scrubs?

Keep on trollin’, it’s fun. Funny part is, when you use Akuma, you realize how ridiculously unbalanced he is, which leads me to the question of why no one at QA caught this…lol

You are for needing to use it to mess around and beat scrubs. You should be able to beat scrubs by only using one button and no special moves. If you are really good, you should be able to beat scrubs using nothing but throws.

Also, mad possum is a cheater, as he uses normals and regularly lets go of down-back longer than the amount of time it takes to do a special move. Rice247 is a cheater because he’s never on when I am. I like to think it’s because he’s too scared to play the Fei vs Chun match up. I’m often wrong about these things, though.

I was trying to see if Akuma could be tourney legal if he is played without using the Air Hadoken or Raging Demon. There was a discussion about this about a year ago, and I wanted to play some good players while using Akuma this way. I used to think that Akuma can be legal this way, but after using him the last couple of days, I have to say he is too strong.

His Normals are way too good esp the j RH (I can stuff Guile’s FK from any range!), his Teleport shenanigans can be impossible to counter with certain setups, I can use his Reversal Flame Hadoken to escape SPD tick setups, his health handicap is huge but not enough to keep him from dominating. Yeah, he’s definitely broken. Too bad really.

Teleport is vulnerable to high attacks, so I’m not sure what you mean there. His uppercuts are also way too strong.

^^After a knockdown, time a meaty Teleport to go just behind the opponent, and time it in such a way that they are throwable at the moment Akuma comes out of the Teleport, and you can easily throw the opponent every time. I’ve had this done to me by some other Akuma players and I’ve tried to time a reversal throw, but it’s difficult. I’ve tried a crossup Shoryuken command, but either it doesn’t work, or I’m doing it wrong. I don’t think anything can beat it except for charge characters with invincible down charge attacks like Flash Kick or Sumo Splash or something like Ken’s Strong Shoryuken or a Super Attack. Plus, he can mix up with a Shoryuken, which makes it even tougher to deal with.

The entire concept of an air fireball is completely broken in sf2, I don’t know how anyone could think something like that could be remotely balanced in any way.

Hmm. yeah. I don’t believe this but I’m actually going to agree with ultracombo here.

Akuma/Gouki is just utterly broken and would need much more changes to have ever become balanced, I also wonder why he’s there and how he ever got to this point. He’s such an aberration in an otherwise incredible game.

No connection matchmaking/filtering and Gouki are the reasons I don’t touch Ranked anymore.

BTW - I am pretty sure that quits DO penalise as losses on XBL, even though it can take a while to show. I can’t be 100% sure though as I’ve never done it myself. But I have checked other peoples stats after they quit and seen it work on XBL. Although I must admit I’ve never seen how it works if you quit in the first round!

Quits definitely don’t penalize on PS3…top ranked player (and I really don’t care about ranked, it’s just friendlies can be full or empty sometimes), has 0 losses…ya…sure buddy.

I’ve played a couple of the top 10, they are ass and rage quit.

Yes I’ve heard it doesn’t work on PSN because PSN doesn’t have arbitration servers so there is no way they can tell which player actually quit. I assume with some games the devs put in servers themselves… but it’s standard stuff on XBL. This is one of the things that makes XBL worth paying for, for me.

True, but I never really care about online rankings to begin with…I just wanna play somebody XD. I’ll never understand people who quit, what’s the point? Why even play?

I guess they think they can put this on a job resume some day, lol.

I think this is where someone says something about e-peen.

wäow! You’re a troll. that is so cool , man !
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Well, since characters are unthrowable for 13 frames after wakeup, can’t you just jab them as they’re teleporting?