So I've come to the conclusion

All those crazy combo vids posted wherever come from unlockable system directions or something?


No. it depends. Some combovideo makesrs use assistance, some do it the old way like me and even show the fuckups, and other things etc.

It all depends…on the CMV maker.


I think he’s talking about how some mess with the system directions in games like 3S. In order to pull of certain combos that aren’t possible to do in the arcade. I could be wrong though.

Nice to see you’re living up to your name…

I assume you mean 3S? If then, no. It’s all skill, timing, and situation. If someone has messed with the game system it’s most likely A)Mugen or B)Game has been hacked or C)GGXXAC+

One more thing, can you do LP LP MP Tyrant Slaughter?

yeah, a good example is the touch of death with ironman in msh. here is the vid


very very hard to do on a 6 button stick without mapping 3p,3k.

its been done to me in lagspikes flawlessly

that your posting sucks