So I've got a Hori EX2 for the 360 and

My 360 red-ringed on me. While I’ve decided to just buy a TE once I get a new 360, I’ve been killing time playing CvS2 on the PS2 while I wait on paychecks.

I’ve found myself wishing for a PS2 stick over and over. Is there anyway to mod this Hori Stick for PS2? Any links to tutorials or anything would be greatly appreciated!

Like the MCCthulu? I’m not sure if a VLX Kitty will work.

The Hori EX2 is not common ground, so a dual mod is not possible without a ton of work - if you wish to add PS2 functionality, you will probably have to completely gut the existing 360 PCB and replace it with another PCB with PS2 functionality.

Probably better off getting that TE and dual modding it instead.

Yeah, you know what?
That sounds like a much better idea.

Thank you for the response.