So just how expansive do you think the "2013" update is gonna be?

Do you think it’s gonna be a patch with just character changes like 2012 was or do you think it might be something a bit more substantial? Capcom is supposedly having an extra week of open discussion to ask for system changes beyond just character specific stuff which makes me kinda curious as to why they would have this if t was just going to be character balancing again.

Well since ver. 2012 is actually pretty balanced (compared to most fighting games), I think this will be a bigger update. Maybe a few new characters, some new moves for existant characters, a new stage or two, and maybe more.

I doubt there will be any new CONTENT (e.g. costumes/stages/music) However Ono has expressed, more than once, that if he did an update to SF4 he’d want to concentrate on adding features rather than balance changes. Likely we will see stuff like the replay analyzer from SFxT and additional training mode options (yes!). And (possibly) Rolento given he is the most requested character to be ported and the modding community has shown that the work required would be fairly low by normal standards. (Compared to the work required even to create Evil Ryu.)

I want to see this game on PS4 with entirely redesigned online play. All balance changes can still be made available for offline (arcade, old consoles).

It has to be a big update. Because if it isn’t…

Seriously though, I don’t see why they would go through such trouble in feedback if it’s just going to be another balance fix. It needs to be at least something new (character, stage, mode, etc) or modify something already in the game (particularly online). I’m guessing the update, most likely the final one, will be out by the end of the year. If not, Spring 2014 at best.

Back port Poison.


It will most likely be mostly balance changes. New stuff will probably be held on to for whatever new fighting game they are no doubt developing for next gen consoles.

I’m hoping for a major update that fundamentally changes the way SF4 plays but I’m expecting much less.

No, just a balance update with a few system tweeks probably, anything just seems highly unlikely with the next gen consoles coming and street fighter 4 aging. Ps: Super character select theme>Vanilla’s

I expect to pay nothing, 15 if there are characters and am willing to pay 30ish no problem. I have the feeling we’ll get 2 or more characters for some reason. Just a gut feeling. Though I hope the pack it with shit to make it feel newer. Stuff like old announcer, classic voice options(it’d be great to have SF2 Sagat going TIGER) and I hope we can pick alternate songs if you have character songs picked for challengers. Like sf2/3 themes. Or like Tekken Tunes.

If it’s 30$ it better have 6full characters (and none of this “Violent Ken” “Angry Gouki” “Slightly Irritated Sagat” “Lackadaisical Cody” bullshit NEW characters.) and new stages/music/a few new moves for each character/colors/costumes. 30$ is expansion pack price. I can buy 2 copies of Skullgirls for $30 or by UMvC3 on launch day for 39.99 or buy 10 copies of Just Cause 2 on steam RIGHT NOW for $30

It will cost 8.95€.
Additionaly there will be a preorder on Steam, where the following items will be included(for TF2):
The Claw of Claw for the Spy as a weapon.
Akuma´s hairstyle as a hat for all classes.
A minigun for the heavy that shoots(spams) Tiger Shots. For every shot, there will be a “Tiger” sound.
He also gets Robogiefs outfit.
The Soldier receives a rocket launcher, which launches Sonic Booms.
The Pyro can now shoot Yoga Fire, while he uses Dhalsim´s hat. "Mmph mmmph mph-mph mmph mmmmph!"
Other ideas? I am thinking about extra effects.

1- Fuck new characters, re-balance the entire cast only to introduce someone who could possibly shit all over them? 39 Characters is God damn enough, I bet most people around here don’t even know half of the matchups properly, let alone all and more.

2- A balance only change should be free without discussion really, enough with the greed Capcom.

The most stupid thing they can do is optional paid DLC characters, keep that shit out of my Street Fighter.

Likely a balance patch with tweaks to online training, endless rematch, etc. Would like to see better training mode w/visible hitboxes and the Ono tool for the console and/or palette customization. But then we’re talking paid content which I would be fine with for the latter two assuming it’s reasonable (<5$).

I remember when people were saying AE2012 would have rolento and Karin… 2013 is the same as v2012 just a free slight system and balance update… if you wondering " how the f*** do you know" just wait and see … -_- nothing more…

People are expecting more because this time Capcom wants our opinion…

They can’t make us pay for a balance patch… I am hoping to see a “Super Street Fighter IV: Turbo Arcade FULL HD Edition”

All my money, let’s do this!

Look up the definition of lackadaisical and you’ll see that the joke was that Cody is just that. It would be a new character EXACTLY the same as Cody is now.

Lacking enthusiasm and determination; carelessly lazy.

listless - apathetic - languid - apathetical


lets face it. this all boils down to money. i dont think this one is going to he free so the next question is how much would they charge.

consider that the game is four years old and next gen shit is coming. that means you could most likely rule out a large project. they wouldnt devote a bunch of resources to this game if they want to drop something new in the next year or so. also they would stand to lose money because you cant expect more than the truely dedicated fans to put up more cash into a four year old game.

id put my money on small tweaks. frame data and hitboxes and limited play testing. i also think this’ll be console only. cant count on arcade operators to chip in.

If that’s the case, I know I won’t be buying it. 4 jumped the shark with AE.