So, KOFXIII is a big success?


All Arcades Taito Type x2 with KOFXIII are sold out and Snk Playmore is planning to bring the game into homeconsoles, the real return of KOF is real?


post about how kof12 was ported to consoles and how that turned out to belittle your argument


post agreeing with foger


I dunno that this is really the place for this post, or if it even merited a new thread.

But to answer your question, I think it’s too early to tell how successful KOF XIII was, at least in terms of revenue generated. The game has a lot of troubling bugs just like XII did, but aside from that the game seems to feel a lot more complete than XII. The overall character balance doesn’t seem to be any worse than any other KOFs.

A better picture of how the competitive community has received it will probably emerge after SBO. As for how much money it’s made relative to KOF XII, that remains to be seen.


maybe if snk does some marketing this time


dunno if its a big success. but so far i played it and i liked it. right now it seems like all the core kof players started playing kofxiii alot well atleast around the arcades i go to. back then when kofxii came out that shit died quick. it seems like a lot of kof players seem to like this one. i hope it comes out to console for those who did not play kof xiii yet because i think its 10x better then kofxii. it plays like 02 if you guys like that version. the movesets are basically like kofxii but tweaked here and there to make certain things better or worst. i am not a hardcore kof player but i play it casually and im enjoying it as much as i enjoy 98 and 02.

remember how 03 was then when kofxi came out. 03 was ass but kofxi was really fun. so ill just let you guys be the judge when you guys can get your hands on the new kof.


Big fucking emphasis right here.

The only reason that nobody plays good games is because nobody knows about them.


Leeeeeeeet’s wait til after SBO for this thread.


Uh… all boards are sold out, everything SNK planned to sell was sold. What more do you want?


I just want a release date, damn it!


People to play it


As one said, it has sold out…so no need to wait to make a thread.

I just wonder if they are going to do anything about all the bugs :stuck_out_tongue:


They to get a publisher on deck that can really like the fire under peoples asses. Ignition did for KoF12 but for the most part they fucked most of the PS2 ports they worked on. I still don’t trust em. Give it to Atlus, Konami or hell even Capcom or Namco. Now that shit would get some attention!


Well then, numbers-wise, it’s done the job, but I’m more concerned with staying power than that.


The fact the game has a buff naked man as a boss means it’ll do well, just look at SF3 and SF4.




>> 9480055

>Implying that SSF4 isn’t good.


I can tell you this much:

KoF12 was wildly unpopular in Beijing. No one really played that shit. KoF13 is getting a lot of play though. From my limited time getting OCVed twice (lol) I can say it feels/looks/plays a helluva lot better than 12.


Hopefully this means a KOF 14, a new Samurai Shodown (3D with 2D Gameplay) and another Garou.


>implying that everything else isn’t better