So last year...

I bought a 360 TE Stick. Dual modded it work on my PS3, and planned to play in tournaments etc.

1 year later, my pads are worn out (1 doesnt work and the R2 came off lol), my stick is dusty, and 0 tournaments entered.

Very bad, am I?

Edit: SSFIV is pretty much the only game I got the stick for. HDR takes forever to get a game going for some reason (crashes), and not too big on MvC3 although I may buy it just because everyone else has and I can get it dog cheap. At one point I was gonna buy BlazBlu and didn’t, and Tekken… Nah… Not much opinion on MK9.

you are saying you waster your money or what?
i don’t get why you opened this thread

Pretty much this. It’s your own fault for wasting money and not putting the equipment you bought to good use.

Wow it’s a fucking livejournal.

dear diary

I’m trying to find other games to play so I don’t feel like I wasted it. Is MvC3 worth even buying since Ultimate is coming? I mean with SF and SSFIV, we got those “special colours”, where one just blinds you.

No, it’s not worth it. Everyone is going to be playing UMVC3. Also, just fix your stick. If it’s dusty, clean it. Do you just let that junk sit on dirt for hours? :confused:

It’s not broken. I just sucked with it and gave up, then I got bored of SSFIV cause PSN was stale, then I got interested again and PSN got haxxed. I started picking it up again and tried out Rog since he’s just easy to use. Was wondering why I saw MvC3 on a 80% discount before UMvC3 was even announced.

Send me the Stick … and I will use it for you… :slight_smile:


I don’t know how the newbie dojo can possibly help you with this question.

If you have a gameplay question, let us know.