So let's talk about why capcom's empire of fighters crumbled

Been wanting to make a thread about this for a while so here goes:

Anyone who has information about this topic please post it so we can all better understand what happened.

Basically this thread is going to look at the facts and try to see what went wrong:

Street Fighter Series:

I remember a while back, say about '01, reading an interview with street fighter creator in EGM, one of the questions was, “will you guys ever make SF IV?”

To which he answered, roughly, “First we intend to make SF III: Dash, another installment in the SFIII series, and then yes we definetly plan to make SF IV”

-Does anybody know why the relationship between him and capcom went sour? and why he left?

-Has anybody heard anything about his new dragonball z game that was out in Japan in arcades?

VS series

Don’t know much about what happened here except I know capcom lost the license to marvel, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t still make a game that played like marvel 2. I also remember an interview with him, on the internet, in which he (head director/producer) stated that he had plans to make marvel 3, so that shows he wanted to do it, and he also said he was looking into possibly making marvel vs DC…damn that would have been sick!


  • Is he still with capcom? If not has he done any games recently?
  • Why would they throw away that great gameplay system just because they lost the rights?
  • Is that the same guy who created the darkstalkers series?

CVS Series

Don’t know hardly anything about this series, except that I can assume that once playmore revived SNK, Capcom wasn’t getting the SNK Character rights for as cheap as before.

-Did the team who made this series do anyother capcom fighters?

  • Couldn’t capcom work out a deal with playmore to use their chrs.

Overall I just get the idea that capcom is run by a very stubborn head ceo in Japan, Kinda like Steinbrener of the yanks :rofl:

I mean why wouldn’t they do everything in their power to keep the guy who created their beloved SF, and who just made the great 3s. In his interview he definetly seemed like he was still very much interested in continuing his work on SF, So what happened?

Any info please share…sorry for the loooong post :sweat:

Because Resident Evil makes 1000 times more money. We gotta live with it.

Cus you can play Guilty Gear instead.

Because SF doesnt make the bank, there really is little to no money in 2D fighters like SF anymore.

pointless thread,
we all know SF doesn’t sell well anymore and a game like RE4 sell shit loads

unforunately 2d fighters aren’t making as much money as they used to, it’s sad when great titles like 3s, or cvs2 are being over shadowwed by games like DOA4, and the virutal fighters

THATS RIGHT I SAID IT, 3D FIGHTERS SUCK, in a game where a grab can do 50% damage without it being a super is just too easy.


your post is stupid.

vf rocks,
doa is porn

don’t diss vf

:rofl: Your funny, you should take that act on the road.

Well I had a feeling this would be most of the responses, and sadly it seems to be the truth…oh well I guess the thread was kind of pointless. However If anyone has any answers to any of the other questions, I would really be interested in hearing them.

Also has anyone heard any feedback on that DBZ game??

Why the fuck doesn’t Capcom let the GGXX/ Fist of the North Star guys do an SF game. If GG and FotNS can make (a little) money you would think a modestly budgeted SF game would as well…

I guess I don’t understand the argument that just because one game can make more money you shouldn’t do another game. I find it hard to believe that many of the same people would be working on RE5 or DMC4 and SFIV. There is still money to be made off of the Street Fighter License, Capcom sure hasn’t had a problem whoring that out lately. It seems that a modestly budgeted SFIV could still make money. And by making money I mean more than recouping the costs of development and marketing, not making millions in profit. SNK Playmore seems to be able to survive by simply providing us with fighting games, you think capcom, with their awesome licenses, could have a branch of the company do the same. Or maybe they are just too busy with mega man battle network x7 team green or whatever crap they make now.

It’s simple: they failed because…The Future Is Now.

Hah, you sound like a 3s scrub. MvC2 and GG both have huge damage combos (including off grabs) that don’t involve supers. Then there’s the Sf2 series. And I’m not even going to go into it, cause most characters have instant dizzy 70%+ damage combos. Without super. In older versions of SF2 those combos didn’t even require cross ups.

Hell, Tekken 5 and VF4 are the only games where launchers regularly lead 40% damage combos. DoA4 is damn hard to get anything close to 40% off a launcher. Hell It’s damn hard to get a launcher period in DoA4 (first you have to get the stun, then your opponent still gets a 1/4 chance of escaping you).

How about this? I hate 3s for it’s huge health bars. It means I have to spend half the match waiting for super before I can scare my opponent into taking decent damage. How about I like games where my gameplan is not turtle -> get super bar -> force mixup?

Uhh, the Street Fighter license belongs to Capcom USA now, so expect rehashes and ports to the end of oblivion. Oh, and to the the guy who said “play GG instead,” not to be mean, but you should know that Arc Systems is essentially doing the exact same thing that Capcom did with SF2 back in the early '90s (making patches to fix an established game instead of making a true sequel or new game). This is good or bad, depending on how you see it. It might bite them in the ass later on, though, like what happened with SSF2.

Sorry BZA, I really have no enlightenment for you. I don’t think it was a pointless topic, though some of these posts might seem otherwise. I have been wondering about some of the very same things.

 As far as the "vs" goes, I think they've probably done about all they can with the ones they have done.  I mean CvS2 pretty much had about everything you could put in from both sides to capture the true battle between the 2.  MvC2, well, it did have like 60 some characters, though I know that cacti dude & the martian thing was, well, thrown in & also they could add some more heroes from the Marvel universe, there's only like what 1,000's (unless you wanna be current with the 197's :tdown: ), yet they captured most of the main streamers.  While yeah it would've been cool to have a 3, it's still complete in my eyes.  Didn't they have a Cap vs Sammy in the works somewhere?  What happened?  Did it get scrapped?  While not as interested as maybe a CvsDC (how awsome would that be?), still any new 2d'er from Cap interestes me.

 I don't know much about what's happened to the stepchild that is streetfighter.  Yet I have noticed quite a bit about Capcom themselves.  Not to bash them totally, for they have created some of the most awsome games in my home.  Still they are MONEY H-U-N-G-E-R-Y!  I know, please forgive my outspokeness.  I say this only because they like to juice everything they can out of their loyal fans.  Time & time again they take the same game, perhaps with a new bell however small it may be, & rerelease it again.  I know I don't need to go into detail listing how many times they've done this to us.  Why have they done it?  Is it because it's exactly what the fans want?  No, it's because it costs less to port the exact same game or the exact same sprites over & over again.  They should be pretty good at it.  Look how much practice they've had!

 I complain yet I am guilty of supporting them.  As I while no doubt get the Alpha & the Darkstalkers(hopefully one day in the US) collections soon.  Capcom is still one of my favorite game developers of all time.  I just wish they would realize they can cater to their fighting game fans & line thier pocketbooks at the same time.:nunchuck: :rock:

There is one answer and only one answer to this question.

Their empire “failed” because we refused to support it.

If you disagree, you either own every Capcom fighting game in your library, or you’re a liar.

edit: Blabber on all you want, but I am NOT going to keep up with this useless thread.

And if I recall, Arc System Works is mostly ex-Capcom and ex-SNK employees.

-Arcades and 2-D fighting were huge fads but they’re over now. Online and 3-D is where it’s at.

-SF2 is one of the biggest money-making video games of all-time, probably only topped by Pokemon, Mario, GTA, Pac-Man, and Tetris. However, the vast majority of those players and fans who pumped money into the game were casual players. And as we all know, casuals stick with the hottest thing until it fizzles after a few years, then move on to the next big thing, never to look back. Right now the thing is GTA/Urban and FPS games. In 10 years, the casual sheep will move to greener pastures (if I had to guess, the God of War action-cinematic style of game will be the next big thing to copy in a few years) and then we’ll have a small portion of gamers crying “How come nobody appreciates Halo or GTA anymoreeeeeeeee! :sad:” And SF will be shuffled behind even further.

-The average gamer is changing from what he used to be. Most guys/kids are idiots who only wants sports and shooters. Girls want sims and RPGs (or more precisely, the RPGs that are just interactive animes…the little prissy things can’t be bothered with icky old BATTLE SYSTEMS). I work at EB. I see the casual idiots. They outnumber us smart, dedicated gamers. They outnumber us by a lot. We love games because they are games and sometimes even works of art…we appreciate certain franchises that the casuals don’t BECAUSE we recognize gameplay: Castlevania, Katamari, Shadow of the Colossus, fighters, etc. Casuals love games because they’re the cool thing to do. Parent buy their children games to serve as pacifers and babysitters. They don’t want fighting games. 95% don’t even fucking know what a “fighting” game, as a genre, even is. I get people that come into the store and ask “U GOTT ANYEE FIGHTIN’ GAMEZ!!!” and turns out that instead of talking about Street Fighter or Tekken they are talking about Shitty Cent or Call of Fucking Duty

-There’s a SMALL chance that one day again another SF will be as big as SF2 was. Hell, if Mortal friggin’ Kombat kan make a komeback then SF kan as well. The potential is there. SF once ruled the gaming world before. For a brief time, it WAS the UNDISPUTED KING over everything else in the gaming world. But the things that must be done in order for that to happen, none of you would approve. SF4 would have to be 3-D. REAL 3-D, not like EX (and many of you still do not accept the fact that a fully 3-D SF would have a valid existence) and the graphics would have to make DoA4 look like an Atari game. It would have to forsake the arcade for worldwide online play. It would have to be dumbed down…considerably…this means Easy mode, this means less complex and new characters, this means screwing up the balance to where a n00b has a legitmate shot at beating a good player (lest the n00b become frustrated and give up the game), this means taking out complicated gameplay elements like different “grooves” and parrying. Yes, the game would not be as good or fun to us as 3rd Strike or CvS2 and such…but it will make more money and keep the series alive. Capcom tried to bring out stuff to appeal to US, the hardcores, such as CFJ and we shit all over it. If Capcom wants to make money off of SF again, they have to ignore us and shit on everything we hold sacred.

Because in the end, Kyo was > than Ryu.

Well Capcom can only make so many collectors editions with the original Street Fighters.

And dont blame Resident Evil. Fighting games are a cheap trick to the majority of non-serious consumers. From what I gather all the commands and moves look too much alike and are too difficult to do for casual gamers to actually care.