"So Long Sucker" Spencer Match-up Thread



This is a thread to help you do well and understand what to do and what to avoid in match-ups


What do you guys generally do against doctor doom…seems like spencer has to fight the guy from underneath doom…where you definitely don’t want to be.


well the best thing to do imo is try to get at the angles where doom can get grappled such as right below him or across from him.If those dont work then try to do some jump zips but definitely one of the match-ups where reads is gonna need to be strong with spencer.


Yeah usually its just a waiting game. if up grapple reached max super jump height it’d be so much easier. good news is if you have atleast one bar doom has to be really really cautious. I usually avoid air zip wire cuz it gets you killed if he can still throw you. Swing isn’t too bad. just gotta wait and bait.


What about against like keep away teams like Mag/Doom or Morri/Doom he seem to get eaten alive outside of the bionic arm factor.


Spencer vs Doom is completely FREE for Spencer.

I face some really good dooms here in toronto and when it comes down to Spencer vs Doom, all you have to do is know how to effectively super jump confirm and you’re good.

With his keepaway, just play it patient and zip away. Most dooms get really impatient when you see then avoiding the missiles, finger lasers and beam and thus they result to rushing you down and thats where spencer can do something apart from running away.


I’m not sure judging a matchup based on players’ impatience and feelings is exactly the best way to go about it. If a Doom does NOT have to go in then there should be no reason for him to go in. His super jump air dash up-back effectively puts him in a zone completely safe from Spencer especially with finger lasers. That matchup boils down to if you can lock him on the ground or put yourself in a position to grapple him through projectiles. Dooms should not be standing on the ground shooting missles. That is a free arm. So is doing anything on the ground. He cannot Level 3 your arm unless you were a full screen away.

Are you doing super jump air hit zip to ground confirm or are you doing air hit into air grapple confirm?


Sooo The biggest thing I think i need to work on is neutral? Has like what should you do like as your main block-string without a assist and what should u look for. Also insaynne showed that Spencer can actually do a air grapple and still be able to use his zip making him able to deal with certain match-ups better aka Doom or Trish.


Better to punish missiles with a grapple, stagger, then cancel into arm to avoid getting hit. Depending on how close you are to the corner you can get a full combo.

If you’re really good, you can find a hole and punish properly without using meter.


For all you plasma beam players, how do you guys deal with characters that can low profile the assist? I’ve been having issues against this morrigan who just cr. :l:'s whenever I try to approach behind dooms cover. I suspect part of my problem is my insistence on zipping straight forward behind doom as opposed to down forward like I see a lot of spencers do, but I’m curious if there are any other things I can do against this. This will also be a problem against wolverine if I’m not mistaken so I hope I can find a good way to deal with this.


I play with Bolts so people ducking under my assists is familiar to me. For your case, if you zip DF towards Morrigan you will hit her as she’s mashing or at least force her into blockstun. Once she’s hit or in blockstun, her hurtbox will expand higher up and she should be forced into the plasma beam letting you do whatever. It’s a detail that many people simply oversee by forcing someone to block before doing a move that they can crouch under.


God bless hommie, I figure doing that will improve my spencer play across the board so thanks again.


Sorry to bump up an inactive thread, but there’s a match up I’ve been thinking about for a while that I just can’t figure out… how do you guys approach Spencer vs Firebrand? It feels like everything gets stuffed with Bon Voyage. Zip can neutralize Bon Voyage IIRC, but it’s really hard to aim and time it. I’m using Jam Session and Shopping Cart for the assists, but against any Firebrand that has a beam I feel like they’re invalidated haha.

Does anyone else have more experience with this match up? Just that character and his kit are frustrating. ;_;