So, looking to get into GGPO and 3rd strike and all that


With street fighter 4 being so awesome I’m interested in playing alot of the older ones on my laptop, over GGPO.

I’m wondering how I go about obtaining the games (I’ll pay if thats the case, whatever is legal), and how I then get online with them.

Thanks guys!


ROMs are the one thing we can’t talk about on SRK. You’ll have to figure out how to get the ROMs on your own. The rest of what you need can be found on


More than likely those ROMs aren’t going to be legal either, since thats important to you.


Take advantage of the internet while it’s still free is all I have to say. 20 years from now, it may not be this easy to get what we want online.

Use it. Not the SRK for these purposes. Brush up on your information gathering skills when it comes to stuff like this. The internet is a virtual piata of media… but I guarantee this will be an age we reminisce in nostalgia. Enjoy it while you can.


interwebz is not free


Buy the rom or the game, and then download the rom and get onto ggpo or 2df. Not sure if this is legal.But there’s no way to legally do it unless you can create the rom yourself.


What are you talking about? The internet is not going anywhere. You sound like one of those crazy right wing guys screaming about how Obama wants to take their guns. Sorry for the rant. [LIST]


He’s not saying that it’s going away. Just that it won’t be as easily accessable to most people’s pocket books.


My bad then. To the OP, just download the Roms.