So looks like PAL users will miss out on alot of 2D goodness

Just checking the realease schedules, and i cant see any 2D fighters coming out for 2005 at all.

PAL people still havnt got the KOF2002/2003 collection yet!

I think PAL people will be very lucky to even get that collection since KOF2000/2001 sold very poor. As for Darkstalkers collection or Garou i think it might be a bit late for us PAL people :frowning:

Does anyone know or hear anything about the release of possible 2d fighters in the PAL region?

Nope, that’s why I’m modding my PS2 and getting a US EEPROM for the Xbox :/.

Polarity, where are you getting your ps2 chipped? And yeah, I agree with original poster but at least we got #R

Friend of a friend of a friend. I went to a games shop that does them yesterday. 80? I don’t think so :confused:

I wouldnt mind my SexBox being modded but don’t wanna miss out on the Live experience. Might have to buy another Sexbox to be modded but dunno where to get it done.

Every SNK game being released in the US will be released for Pal users. Every single one. In some cases, even the ones that are rejected by SCEA for PS2 in the US.

Yup, Ignition Entertainment will make sure of that. Well they said they’re not sure about EVERY SNK game getting a PS2/Xbox release but KOF is a definate. They’re hoping to get 2002/2003 out by the end of this year. I did ask about Garou but they won’t say much.

I have a HD in my PS2 anyway so Garou will be mine when it’s out in Japan!

[Quote=Their email responce]
Hi Michael (yes that’s my name),

Thanks for the mail and your comments. KOF 02 and 03 will be released before the end of the year (both PS2 and Xbox). More details will be available shortly.

As for the older SNK titles, we may not release the same titles as Japan, as we have some other ideas we want to follow up. When we know more we will let you know

Best regards,

Enquiries Team

Japanese PS2 biaaaaaaaaatch.

Seriously, you can’t go wrong with one.

Wow i’m surprised they emailed you back, usually they dont seemed to be arsed (publishers that is)

Pal gamers have a bit of a problem do you wait for god knows how long for the games to be released here or do you just import it, for me i’d like to pal version but waiting up to 6 7 months is just too long.

Yeah we got the ps2#R HAHAHAH shame i already had it a year ago though : (

Yeah we have to wait so that’s why alot us import or by other means. I like to get the game for a collection purpose though.

Leon: I was surprised that they emailed me back too! It took nearly a week but they did get back to me though.

HAHA pal is garbage. You get games last because the holy roman empire says so.

Or you could get mod it then a new EEPROM and gamertag, and a mod that you can switch off when you go on Live. Cheaper, but harder than getting a new 'box


as for xbox releases:
svc chaos = out 2 weeks ago
kof 2000/2001 = last week of this month. 29th i think.
cap fighting jam = mid may
kof max impact = late summer apparently
kof 2002/2003 = september 2nd
kof 94 re bout and samurai showdown 0 = end of year

They’re going to be 94 Re Bout & Sam Sho 0 for PAL? I don’t recall any news on them. Considering Ignition Entertainment seems to be the only publisher doing SNK titles for PAL.

cannabiscreator: Keep up the ignorance. I’m sure one day someone on SRK will care what you say.

why the fuck do games arrive so late for pal? chaos out two weeks ago? wtf

It’s a question most PAL players would love an answer for. I guess the only plausable explanation would be “translating” for 5 other languages but that shouldn’t take as long as it does.