So mago is thinking of picking up gouken

It will be VERY interesting to see what he can do with him.

What are you guys thoughts on this.

oh yea New Super Street Fighter 4 tier lists from Mago and Nemo : News :

Read at the VERY bottom of the article

Mago is good, quite annoying and I’m positive he could beat people with Gouken. With SSF4, it’s more about the char specific matchups and I’m sure Mago could win the matchs that Gouken is 5/5.

I doubt he’ll pick up gouken, he’d be the first pro to pick him up in a while. I know valle and sanford played him for a bit, but they dropped him like a bad habit. It would be awesome to see what a player of his calibur can do with a character like gouken, but I just don’t think that gouken has the tools he likes in a character. He’s just doing some soul searching.

Sanford played Gouken??!?!? VIDS NAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Only person Ive seen play as gouken in a tourny is shine and he made it pretty far but got raped be sanfords sagat _.


sanford against lijoe in a battlefield arcadia tourney last year. He dropped him shortly afterwards

Desora is the biggest name as far as gouken players, I believe he went to WGC, but I heard he got beat badly.

I agree Mago is trying to figure out his Sagat replacement. Looks like he won’t be using Fie long now.

He still thinks Fei is top tier, and he doesn’t say he will be exclusively maining Gouken. There’s a big possibility that Gouken will just be a secondary for when he needs a switch to change up his game.

Yeah I think Mago will still use fei long, ESP for tournament…
Maybe he will uses Gouken online later on to score some BP.

Whether or not Gouken is good enough to be competitive, it’ll be interesting to see what Mago can do with him. I’m always up for inspiration!

Like i said before, i still cant believe that he really wants to go for Gouken. Sounds more like a slogan to get some attention.
I wanna see how he plays him for real and not only for a few matches. This doesnt count if he only use him sometimes.
Thats to much talk. I wanna actually see some fresh and serious gameplay of him with gouken, otherwise this promo-show doesnt deserve any attention.

by picking up gouken he’d mago would be sacrificing offensive/defensive options and would have to go for more zoning, shenanigans, mixups. I can see him playing the character casually though I’d like for him to prove me wrong.

He did use Sagat in Vanilla for a good stint, I wouldn’t be surprised of his zoning was fairly godly once he gets a hang of Gouken’s fireballs.

Well, although Daigo still play Ryu seriously. He is using Guile fairly well… So is not surprise Mago will play Fei and Gouken at the same time…
Well we the Gouken lovers just hope Gouken get some loves and see how far Gouken can go…

thanks for the vids. Weird seeing sanford play gouken. I guess he got tired of lossing but he was pretty good.

I watched some vids of this desora guy and he’s good. So whats this guy doing now and days? Evo? Does he still play gouken.

I tell you what I need to work on Ex palm to dash walk up HK tastu. I just always do another thrusting palm after ex palm. I know the HK tastu adds more damage but if you miss and its easy to miss you will get punished HARD!!!

I need to do more block string mind games and more safe demon flips on characters wake up. Works well on rog ^_^.

GOUKEN FTW!!! EVO 2011 Look out for me, BLACKBLAZEQ Will be reping gouken and adon DJ and Fielong and won’t ever stop!!!

I’m absolutely dumbstruck as to why no top players ever use him in tournaments. He has decent life, insane damage with easy combos, plenty of mix-up potential, easy to combo into ultra anywhere on screen, and so many other things unique to Gouken.

High/low parries just give you a whole new guessing game to mess with people. And then, to top it all off, he has a freakin’ air parry?!? Baiting anti-airs so you can do a punish that takes 1/3 of their life with only one meter? Good god, somebody go win a tournament with him already!

Seriously, the only downsides i can see is he has no good wake-up reversal type move (like a dp) and his anti-air normals arent that great (dont hit very high up). I still think his other numerous advantages easily make up for this. But i’ll admit that I just picked him up a few weeks ago, so I’m going to assume that there is some other glaring obvious flaw with him that I just dont seem to notice.

My biggest issue w/ Gouken, and I plan to scour the threads to see if this is addressed somewhere, is that he seems to have little combo potential off light attacks. So when you get in, it seems like you have to either commit straight away to a big combo attempt w/ no hit confirm, or settle for a jab string or tick attempt. Does he have a good counterhit setup (again, I havent done my research yet, just came across this thread 1st) to punish people for their fear of back throw?

All of Gouken’s specials are unsafe moves, and he can’t jab . jab > any damn thing. That’s the way that most people understand the game and he was created differently in that department for what ever reason, so once they see this they normally leave him alone, rather than figuring out how to actually fight with him.

Check the frame trapping thread or the beginning of the Consolidated match ups thread.

The only thing he really has off of light attacks is some sort or frame trap / bait. And if you score a counter hit with the frame trap you can land a huge combo. The thing you would have to decide is will they attempt to reverse your frame trap or will they continue blocking or use a poke to retaliate. The reversal is the only thing you need to be afraid of.

You have to be mindful of the tick grabbing as well, for example if you are playing a shoto they can reversal you tick grab with dp, but if you block the dp it’s a bnb punish for Gouken. The best way to see if they are pressing reverse is to randomly break your block strings to see if you can get them to whiff a dp or whatever. If they have 2 EX Bars they can dp FADC to safety, so you have to be aware of that, but this can lead them to abandoning their dp reversals and all and give you room to start using Gouken Flip loop mix ups.

I think the SRK is a great move, but if it’s whiffed or blocked w/o FADC it is an opening for Gouken to bring a world of pain. I think it’s amazing that 1 missed srk can mean half of their life bar is going to be missing or worse.

Gouken does have hit confirms using st. mp > lp/mk and cr. fp > lp hado. Too bad that Gouken doesn’t have the gay ass jab > jab > whatever hit confirm that everyone else has :frowning: I guess damage scaling is suppose to not make it so bad.

gouken has poor defense, his attacks are mostly unsafe on block, so he can’t really rush shit down effectively unless you want to get killed. Bad wake up, can’t do any links off of jab so he has shit damage potential unless he’s punishing. If you opponent makes few mistakes your kinda forced to make them make mistakes, I’d imagine its difficult to do that at high levels.

Its our fate as gouken players to deal with this crap :slight_smile:

well it looks like Mago’s dropped Gouken, I didn’t see him play him today on the stream he even played sagat. Perhaps I’ve missed something though, but haven’t seen him touch him in a while.