So... Makoto up to 2nd best character

Aparently a new Makoto combo has been found that shiver does 100% stun to most characters. Due to this, Makoto is now considered in Japan to be the second-best character, behind Yun.

The combo? SA2 -> kara DP -> dash back -> DP, EX’s if needed on some characters (Can get 3 DP’s on some chars, like elena). 100% stun, but you pretty much need 1-2 bars to do it. So really, the first round isn’t affected (Not needed when the meter is built), but second round, if the sa2 hits you, gg.

You don’t need to do the EX DPs. You might need to on SOME characters, but on most characters, it’s 100% stung without EX.

If this is real, it would be a really scary alternative for the people that can’t do the old one with kara fukiage. One thing I notice about Makoto players is that they tend to burn EX a lot because EX hayate is safe if blocked, unlike the regular ones, so I wouldn’t be too worried about her having full meter without sacrificing something in exchange.

i dont know if this is really recent news. but yea, makoto is a beast. make two mistakes and GG.

…Kalypso, if you only read as much as you post on these forums, then maybe you’d come off less retarded?


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It’s a fairly new thing, and makoto was only recently declared 2nd best in 3s. Regardless, people that read this won’t know, so what’s your problem?

Double DP after SA2 isn’t new news at all. WTF

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